Thursday, 30 December 2010

Julie Arkell

Today i just wanted to do a dedication to the truely wonderful Julie Arkell. Her little creatures that she creates from paper mache and wool and fabric just make my heart sing, and one day, hopefully in the not too distant future i will own a piece of her work . The website that i have found that sells her work is 'earthangels' just click on the link to take a look.

The book
Julie Arkell

Dont you think she looks like one of her creations, i absolutely love her style, i think i need more clothes in my wardrobe like this.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Sketch book entry

Hi there, and welcome to my little nook by the sea.  I have been neglecting my sketch books of late due to an obsession to wool and a compulsion to knit and crochet, so today with mug of steaming tea in hand i did open my dusty sketch book dipped brush in paint and quickly covered some stark white paper with numerous artsy stuff.
I am quite pleased with it, considering its been a couple of months since i picked up a paint brush. Perhaps i need to show you a few more sketchy book pictures from a while ago so you can see where my head is at, so to speak....
Yellow the bracken,
Golden the sheaves,
Rosy the apples,
Crimson the leaves,
Mist on the hillside,
Clouds grey and white,
Autumn, good morning,
Summer, goodnight.
                     by Florence Hoatson

You can probably tell that i am a bit fond off mixed media, all that cutting, sticking, and glueing with paint up to my elbows is just heavenly, cant say the same for the awful mess that i have to clear up after though.
The little bit of writing i have put in my journal was from The owl in the dark website, a really beautiful site run by the really beautiful Stephanie Dosen, just go and take a peak and be inspired.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

This is my new blog, i hope you come and take a peek some time, i hope to have it up and running in the New Year, so happy Christmas and a happy winter solstice to you all.