Tuesday, 27 May 2014

....Tales of the Riverbank blanket....

....I have returned from my journey.....
....a journey that involved me, and a blanket....
....a crocheted blanket....
....a warm and snuggly blanket....

....this blanket is big, a double bed size, a campfire size, a Riverbank picnic size.....

.....there are 157 squares, and 140 cluster bobble swags, umpteen balls of yarn.....

 .....a most marvellous collection of home grown yarny goodness.....photos of handmade blankets always make my heart leap with joy....

....it even got the Molly seal of approval.....

....a bit more yumminess....

....and a question...
....why cant i wear buttons as earrings?...

....oh......i can..xxx


  1. That's it, I'm moving in. On my way right now! Xxx

  2. It is a beautiful blanket!! It looks really great with all of your other ones as well. I can understand your desire to create blankets - they are so great aren't they. Oh and yes, you can wear buttons on your earrings!! xx

  3. Sweet Molly cat almost steals the show =^.^=
    Perhaps crocheted blankets (new and therefore rather green ones at least) are not aware it is unwise to work in front of a camera with a child or an animal, as they say.
    It really is a beautiful beautiful blanket which fits so well with the rest of the group. Including Mr Bear, who looks like a fine fellow and is no doubt the perfect riverside picnic companion.

    You have made me want to learn to crochet. I can sort of knit, a bit, is it harder? easier?

  4. I adore your blog! Your blanket is so comfy looking. I just love making blankets. I am making two of my daughters a blanket for their Christmas gift. I know it sounds a bit early for Christmas gift making, but I want them done on time! Of course you can wear button earrings! I have 2 pairs and they are very easy to make!

  5. Such crafty loveliness, well done. That would take me FOREVER. Miss Molly is so like my Miss Pixie, straight to the snuggly spot in the middle of the bed and black. Purr!

  6. Wow, your blanket is STUNNING.....I want to make one just like this now....but I'll have to wait till I've made my circle blanket. I'm off to pin it.
    Jacquie x

  7. Your blanket just sings out comfort - I love the earthy, calm colours, and the pile of blankets on the bench is so inviting, especially with this grey, cold weather! LOVE the earrings! Chrissie x

  8. I will be making an attempt at one like that, it is awesome

  9. Love, love the blankets. Is it still blanket weather in your part of the world?
    Good idea with the buttons.

  10. It looks beautiful on the bed... and the edging is just perfect.

  11. Your blanket is gorgeous and I love the bobbly edging. You'll have to make a 4th one now - for Bix!

  12. ohhh such a beautiful blanket~it is always nice to see other peoples blanket obsession in all their glory (i have a thing for vintage wool blankets!) and the button earring? very creative and wonderful! xoxoxo

  13. Oh Pixie, your new blanket is gorgeous!! I love your earthy colours. Hope you have lots of snuggle time underneath it!!! Trudy xo