Sunday, 2 January 2011

A dickie bird dilemma

I will admit here and now that i am not the worlds best knitter, no siree, but i do like to think that i can hold my own when it comes to small knitted projects, that was until i came across a small knitted dickie bird in a lovely new book i purchased just recently.
When i saw the book on the shelf and took it down to view the inside my heart skipped a beat when i saw the adorable little knitted birds, i imagined my wee cottage full of these lovely creatures, and imagined the delighted faces of family and friends when they receive them as gifts, so with cash in hand i practically ran to the cash desk to buy it quick before some other wool addict got it before me.

I would imagine to the professional knitter that this small pea sized project would be a cinch, and cant imagine what i am making such a fuss about, but this little birdie has caused me several nasty stab wounds to the chin, a hole in my best top, and i even managed to poke my man in the face also whilst battling with the dreaded DOUBLE POINTED needles, AHHHHHH.
Now dont get me wrong, i have actually used double pointed needles before to make a woolie hat, and they were size 6, these ones are size 2mm, which makes them very sharp, and fiddly. In the end after much cursing i abanded the spears of pain and ended up just using two in the good old fashioned way, still very pointy and still very sharp but, i think, making progress.

Now, dont let my incapabilities as a knitter put you off, i just dont seem to get on with the double pointed needles, this really is a lovely lovely book and when i finish the little bird i will show you. The book also includes other little creatures not just birds and the majority are knitted on double pointed needles so you dont have to join the seams anywhere, brilliant.
Unlike me, who will have to.

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