Sunday, 20 February 2011

Oh well....

....back to work tomorrow, it has been so lovely to of had this past week off, i didn't get half the stuff done that i had hoped to off got done, i kept being distracted by other things, but that's fine.  Ohhhh it has been glorious not to get up at six o'clock but linger on longer under the duvet ,then wander downstairs to the little nook kitchen make myself some tea then return to my lovely bed and read my book for an hour..... lovely.

So on that note..., my posts are gonna get a little random again because off having to work all week, but here's a little something to end my weeks break for you, it always makes me laugh out loud no matter how many times i watch it........
Have a good week everyone in whatever you do for a living, and enjoy a little bit of Spike Milligan. Pixie x

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