Thursday, 13 October 2011


.....nearly there, not far now....................................



  1. Pixie! Love your blog so much!!!
    Thanks for your visit...
    love everything you make...!

  2. Love it Pixie! Drop by. You have a quick mention on my blog.


  3. I think it's really cute! LOL Pixie and I have a two headed deer for you to see on my blog.


  4. Just so you know.... My fauncho is way off when you look at the original. My faun is a few stitches not wide enough, and as I carried the red along, it caused the faun to wrinkle somewhat. And.... I followed the M/L pattern and it came out pretty big. Also..... Something went wrong in the sleeve area that I was able to fix ( sort of) so those are okay. All in all, I'll definitely wear it, but I'm sort of disappointed. I worked really hard at following the pattern and being slow and careful. I think I'll stay with wristies if I try intarsia again! Plus, there is a lot of yarn used in that pattern, so not cheap to make. Just a "heads up".

  5. Wow hon - it looks amazing! Such a great idea to do it on circulars. I will definitely give it a go - and if I start soon I might just finish in time for next Winter which is about July here!! I am a bit slow and steady in the knitting department. I think that's why I love crochet so much as it's something I can do quickly!! Have a fab week hon. See you again soon.

  6. Nice! I love the colors you chose!

  7. Fantastic.. I so admire your skills with those knitting and crotchet needles xxx