Saturday, 5 November 2011

.....My old chair....

.....Hello all, and welcome also to anyone else who may of stumbled across my little 'crafte nook' by the sea....

.....Yes, this is a post about my old chair.........i know its a bit odd but i thought i would show you all some piccies that i took way back at the start of the year of my mothers arm chair that she gave to me at least twelve years ago...........i absolutely love this chair and its been in our family for at least thirty years, and back at the beginning of the year i felt it was really looking quite shoddy and dated with its tapestry upholstery that i felt it was time for a change................daunting i can tell you.. as Mr Pixie and i have never reupholstered anything ever, so this was gonna be a massive chair has made various appearances through out  my posts and people have very kindly commented on what a lovely chair it here it is.......................

.....How to reupholster a chair ( with no skills what so ever ).........

1...Remove vile, dated tapestry pattern upholstery.....

2....After (carefully ) removing vile cover use as a template to cut out new pieces.......

3..With a lot of pulling and tugging and stapling
 secure new fresh yummy material in place.....
( are a bit naff as took all these with my phone )


5....Hammer in some fancy brass tacks.......remembering always that hammers hurt like hell if you don't get your fingers out of the way in time...........ow

6...Finish off by covering the seat pad.....

.....And there you have old mums chair all lovely and new again.....

.....Also.........just take a look at this.........

...A crocheted inspiring is that.....

.....and also this....

.....Don't you just love Pinterest......

Bye for now and have fun, whatever you are doing this weekend


  1. Wow! I love your new-old chair! It looks brand new and sooo cosy now... makes it extra special that it used to be your Mum's too :)x

  2. I am shocked!!! that is amazing....
    How did you get the parts that are dipped in to work? what's making them dip in? LOL I am not sure of the wording. That pillow is adorable too, is that an in the family one too?
    The crochet chair is something !
    You must have been amazed you did it, especially the next day once you removed from the effort.
    xx Lorraine xx

  3. I am absolutely gobsmacked hon! That is seriously fabulous!!! You are one talented lady - and I think you could be making a tonne of money doing reupholstery. How fantastic to still have it in the family - and now it will be around for many, many more years. Well done hon. I love it!!!

  4. Oh wow I love love love that chair! Well done.

  5. i love that fabric!! and i would surely want to own a chair just like you created.

  6. I love that chair! You must be so proud of yourself. I wouldn't even be able to cover the cushion let alone the chair.
    Well done.

  7. It looks blumin amazing!! well done, I know what a pig upholstering can be, its a bit like mud restling without the mud!! Happy weekend xx
    I'd be sitting in that chair, by the fire all cozy if I were you xx

  8. Fabulous! good job the under layers of upholstery were still in good condition, you wouldnt wanted to pull that lot off and start from scratch!
    It looks amazing, well done.

  9. wow I didn't know you had reupholstered this chair yourself it looks amazing and the fabric is lovely I have seen this but not in this colour please let me know how you did the button bits they look really awkward .
    xx fee

  10. What a fabulous job and such pretty fabric
    Lynn xxxx

  11. woweeeeee well done pixie- kisses for your ouchey fingers ;0(...but doesnt it look beautiful ;0)xx

  12. The chair looks brilliant and how clever of you to do it yourself :-) I love the fabric you used too

  13. Great job. I know this is hard than it looks. It turned out wonderful. I love those drawing in your last post too. What an artist your friend is. Off to pop around and check her work out.

  14. I didn't really have the time to stop and comment, was just checking in cause I knew you'd have something new going on.... But goodness gracious!! That chair is gorgeous and amazing! I just had to leave a comment. Fabulous job Pivie!!


  15. Pixie I am amazed at the chair - its just transformed and looks professionally done. I have a chair here that needs the same thing doing to it - I would never be able to get it like that! Well done :)