Saturday, 17 December 2011

....The telly has gone bang.....

.....Well isn't that just week before Christmas and no telly........i can't miss Dr who, that's the only program that i am most looking forward to seeing, I've always liked a bit of Dr who, i have done since i was a kiddie back in the seventies, only back then i used to hide behind the sofa when the daleks came on or one of those slimy monsters  that came out of the a new telly its going to have to be, although without that added distraction that sits in the corner of the living room, it did get us both motivated into finally putting up the Christmas tree and making the crafte nook look a bit more festive.....................................................................

.................There are hand made felt trees filled with lavender that i made donkeys years ago........

.......handmade felt hearts also filled with lavender, this one my son made when he was ten.......

......Dottie angel crocheted popcorn garlands, i made these last year.....

......handmade Santa....

.....some handmade tree bunting.....

.....and some punched tin hearts....(i didn't make these)

....and fairisle knitted hearts....

......Along with the handmade paper chains there are now dozens of paper stars hanging from the beams....

...and the mantle piece over the stove is now fairy lit and festive....(will probably add a few more treats to it next week)....

.....and Molly has her tinsel on.....this strange little pussy cat likes to do this every year, we put a small piece around her and she wanders round the house showing it off, she even has her supper in it and then likes to wear it to bed........

...and the blanket i made is now on the bed for that extra added snuggliness..... i think i am just about done....( well apart from having to go and buy another telly ) theres just some last minute bits and bobs to do next week, i have three more days of work which includes tomorrow, not looking forward to that much as i have to start at seven thirty in the morning and wont finish till four, then its just Monday and Tuesday and i am done for seven that's seven days of lay ins....bliss that's all from me for now, see you all next week luv luv Pixie xxx....


  1. It all look lovely! We did away with the TV over a year ago, it's the best thig we ever did, especially at this time of year with all the christmas jingles and boxing day sales :-O
    Little Molly looks so sweet!

  2. hello lovely, wow i love your decorations and home piccys ;0) very festive! x ...must be something about tv's conking out at the mo! mine did too!...luckily my mum decided to come to the resue!...enjoy christmas xxxx

  3. Hi Pixie.... what a warm and inviting post! The fire looks so cozy, and your decorations are beautiful. As are your sparkling kitty cats! Sorry about your telly..... Also, I really like what you did with your Gudrun catalogs. I think I may use some of mine for Christmas wrapping.

  4. Oh Pixie, this post is just so wonderful! I have read it twice already and really love, love, love all your gorgeous photos. Your blanket looks so amazingly comforting on the bed - what a treat to snuggle in under it. You totally inspired me with this project - I'm hoping mine will be done for our Winter (slowly but surely!). Molly has absolutely made my day seeing her with her tinsel - what a total star she is!! I bet they're both loving having the fire on and sleeping the day away. Your fireplace and it's fab decorations look absolutely brilliant. Here I was being all envious of your fire pics in a recent post, while it was supposedly hot on my side of the world. Well that all came to a freezing end yesterday when the temp dropped by about 12 degrees and we had to dust off the firewood and light ours! Bella was in heaven and camped out in front of it all day.

    If I don't get a chance to pop back - have a wonderful Christmas hon. Enjoy your days off with lots of lie-ins, cups of tea and as much crafting as you can squeeze in. Hope you get your telly in time to see Dr Who too!!


  5. it looks just wonderful! we tried to put a tinsel coller on flynt and it made him go all wiggly and do a few vertical take-off's so we gave up!
    funnily our dyson has decided to discard important pieces and spring holes in tubing as well as make a funny noise so we too have to buy a new electrical...special offer of a vax with free steamer mop for hard floor and rugs!
    i have to say i only watch particular programmes but would be lost without the downton abbey? no torchwood? how very dare!

  6. Oh I'd be lost without my telly! I love watching all the crime and detective programmes, both real and fictional! I hate soaps and reality stuff though could live without that...
    Your decorations are gorgeous, love the mantle piece. My kittens would have a fit if I tried to tie tinsel around them, lol!

  7. Isn't it just typical to blow up just before Christmas, I'm not a huge telly watcher but must admit look forward to snuggling in to watch the oldies. Your home looks so cosy and warm and lovely,, were putting the tree up today, chimney swept teusday, can't wait, to have the fire back
    xx Sophie

  8. Look at that amazing blanket! It looks absolutely perfect... and that fairisle knitted heart: so cute!

    Your house is just as it should be; full of layers of happy child memories.

    Our television went bang eight years ago and we have never replaced it.... I can imagine how you must feel a little lonely without it though. I too used to hide behind the sofa during 70's Doctor Who episodes: looks like we are the same age!

  9. Your blanket is really something, you must be SO happy with it! the owl is darn cute too.

    I always go to see a movie at the theatre on Christmas day. This year I think I am going to see Hugo in 3D...

    Hugs Lorraine

  10. I ADORE your bedspread it is soooo gorgeous and I like Mr Owl tooo wooo ing on it..Doesn't it make the house feel lovely once all the decs and the tree is up..yours looks all warm and cosy and I love the sort of shady pictures they are so nice... clever you !
    Mince pie Hugs
    Lynn xxxx

  11. Pixie.... I wanted to pop back by to let you know that your altered jacket you posted about a few months ago was really my inspiration to spiff up mine. It had been in the back of my mind for some time, and then my friend Jessy (who I'm so happy you discovered!) started doing her HOBO thing. That's when I finally dug it out and did some embellishing! Also, thank YOU for being such a sweet bloggy friend too! Merry Christmas Pixie!