Thursday, 29 November 2012

....*&^ What ^*"....

......Hello my dear bloggy friends, i wonder if i might ask you all a question.....
.....Now please forgive my naivety,, i am but a simple pixie, but i was not aware of this in blog land....
......I have just tried to do a new post for you all and attach as usual some photos of my attempts at making things, i went to add a photo and a box came up saying i had run out of space and i needed to buy some more space ?? i am aware that you have to delete a few images from picasa occasionally when you want to add a new picture in your side bars or a new header, i am always running out of space for these things,,,,,,,,,but i have never been asked to purchase more space so i can add pictures to my posts.............has anybody else out there had this happen, has anybody else out there now paying monthly instalments to Google so you can add a picture to your posts ??
.......Please let me know your thoughts and answers to i a bit thick or am i being had, so to i say, please excuse my thickness if i have got this all completely wrong.......
.....However, if i do need to be paying for my space to blog, what do i do? and how much should i agree to pay each month...........I'm confused..
......obviously no pictures to show as i am now not allowed....
Pixie ????


  1. i had this about 6 months ago, i found by deleting old, unwanted headers from picassa web albums reduced the space limit as they are a big percentage of the space used up. and i didnt then have to pay for any more space. another blog a while back thought it was a con to get you to pay- but ive found just by deleting the headers its free'd up my space ;0) hope that helps pixie? xxxx

    1. Thank you Kazzy, i shall take a look and see, though i think i have already deleted old headers, but i shall definatly take another look...Thank you x

  2. Oh Hello.... I missed you! I bought more storage its about £3.50 a year, but I use loads of photos x I also have seen alot of people having this same problem at the moment and if you go on blogger Help there is a forum, lots of people sayin the same thing...but I haven't been on there myself ...might be worth a look xx

  3. Lots of people are experiencing the same problem ... Blogger is aware of the problem and is investigating it ...

    Wednesday, November 28, 2012
    Some users are reporting that they're hitting unexpected image quota limits when uploading an image from Blogger. We're investigating the issue and will report back when we have more information to share.

    The above was taken from the Blogger Help Centre ... Known Issues page ... you will find the Help Centre on the bottom of your Dashboard page ... hope this helps ... Bee x

  4. This happened to me a few months back and I bought more space (just the minimum they offered). Hope they fix it before I run out again. It's very frustrating. Good luck!

  5. Me too!! I had to buy more space at £3.50 a year. Lucey x

  6. we just uninstalled picassa. Problem over.

  7. Hey pixie, when you minimalized your pixs to 500 pix. then the problem will be over, I don't know for how long, but it works by me..

  8. I was warned when I started my blog by another blogger that my photo's were to large, so now I minimalize them and I should have more space. Good luck to you, groetjes, gerda

  9. I was about to post that it was a know issue but I see Bee got there first ... hope it's sorted soon x

  10. Hiya Miss Pixie
    I had exactly this same problem a couple of months back with uploading photos, reaching a limit and then thinking I needed to pay - you don't! You have to reduce the size of your photos before uploading them and as long as you reduce them from now on, you'll be okay. You know about Picasa - check there as you may have double-ups of photos (I did for whatever reason, and was able to delete quite a lot). If you upload reduced image photos from now on you'll be fine. Trudy x

  11. Thanks Pixie for this helpful post. I don't use Picasa. Should I being doing that? I edit my photos and compress them in my pictures but I am still finding my way with blogging and only become aware of a problem when it's done.

  12. techno fear here! do i resize my pictures to 250x250 px?