Thursday, 21 February 2013

...Hello my little Nook followers....

.....Firstly i want to thank everyone who left lots of interesting comments on my last post.....its funny how we all have our very own personal relationships with our beloved books......our own rituals that we hold dear when it comes to our chosen novel, i like this idea very much.....down to how we all have our own way of making our perfect cup of tea or to how we brush our teeth.......and also to how we love our book........ yes.....i want to thank you .. thank you all .. everyone of you who always takes the time to leave me a comment or send me an email, i treasure this very much .... though i know i don't always get a chance to reply back to you, and for this i am truly sorry, but i read every comment and every email with such joy in knowing that you stopped by and stayed a while  at the 'crafte nook'...........i appreciate it so so much......

.... i am going to be taking a little holiday away from blog land for a while...... i feel that i need to step away and think about new things, and to just take some time out for a bit....

.....I will still be here please do feel free to send me an email if you like, or you can always come on over to Pinterest and find me there......

.....But for now my dear friends i shall simply say ''cheerio''.........just for a while.....

.....And see you all again soon....

....Big Pixie hugs to everyone of you.....


  1. ...its good to take a step and have time to think. i loved the link to themurmuringcottagetumbler...loved all those beautiful cottagey/country/cosy/comforting piccys# cheered me up!!!! x

  2. Have a relaxing, creative time - and hope you won't be away too long. Karen x

  3. I will miss you pixie and hope you enjoy your break. I loved your pinterest images, just gorgeous. jayne x

  4. Pixie,
    Sorry to hear that you are taking a break. I always enjoy reading your blog so much. But I understand that we all need a break some times. Just don't leave us for too long.
    Rosie xx

  5. awww...will miss your post for a while, but I understand. It is such a challenge these days for me to find time to create any new art and post. Have a peaceful, magical, lovely break :)

  6. enjoy your break pixie and whatever exciting crafting comes your way~looking forwards to your return xoxoxo

  7. I love to see you on Pinterest.... enjoy your break from here.
    Blessings and many beautiful days to you.

  8. Oh pooh, I will miss you!!
    Enjoy your time out, hope you find some peace and have lots of creative energy flowing your way. xx

  9. Gorgeous girl - I will keep popping by every now and then to see when you return. I completely understand the need for a wee break - I have had an unplanned break myself and it has meant that lots of other creative endeavours have had a chance to come to fruition. Enjoy your bloggy absence. I bet you will find so much more time to make all your gorgeous creations.

    Take care my lovely bloggy friend.


  10. Enjoy your time away, will miss you - but then also look forward to what you bring back to share. Minerva ~

  11. Sending you a wave Pixie! I wrote a magical book, sculpted some farmers and here is spring! I took a big break too, can't hurt.

    HUGS and thoughts,
    Lorraine xx