Tuesday, 4 December 2012

....Im back....im back.....im back......Yaaaay...

.....Oh my goodness.....what an epic quandary.....
.....Don't you just hate modern technology some times,,i know i do.......oh but its good to be back...i had visions of saying '' Cheerio, its been nice knowing you all''....and pulling the plug, but Mr P and i have sorted it........thankfully it didn't mean me having to hand over large sums of cash to Google, though i would of done if it hadn't been for all of you lot out there.......
.......THANK YOU......oh so much to everyone that left me such lovely comments and emails, and to everyone who gave so much advice......it was such a comfort to know that i wasn't the only one experiencing these dilemmas......
......The problem was, that me being a bear of very little brain i have been taking nice big pictures with my lovely lumix and not realising that pixel size is most important when uploading to the Internet.....so now i have down sized my piccies i am now at the FREE photo size....Phew !!.......
....So simple....
.....Of course this means that the photos that i took to show you how to make a fabric wreath i now cant show you because i have used up my space for free big pictures, but i can show you a new picture of it finished.........and instead of the pictures of each step of making it i shall show you sections finished and try and explain it from there..........
...............So here it goes..........oh its good to be back xx.........

....So....firstly wreath all finished....

..( i think my photos may not be quite so clear because i now have to stretch them to fit in nicely)..
.....next....get yourself some strong fabric , a large dinner plate and a smaller plate, a pair of scissors, lots of bits of green fabric, needle cottons, pins etc...
.....Cut your fabric into a rectangle, fold in half, this needs to big enough to draw round your large dinner plate....
.....Now cut out your circle shape and draw round the smaller plate in the middle of your circle....then cut out the centre.....pin all round.....you should now have a great big polo mint....
....Sew all around the outside edge of your circle, then sew all round the middle circle bit leave a gap for stuffing......the edges will be frayed but it doesn't matter as no one will see.....
...once stuffed cut out lots and lots of different leaf shapes from your green bits of fabric, ( there's a template for some leaves in last months Mollie makes )...and tack these to your wreath........then just add whatever you like.......shells, buttons, acorns, bits and bobs, whatever you fancy......
.......Happy stitchin'.....


  1. beautiful wreath pixie...today it told me i was out of picassa space despite all my deleting headers nd other unused images- so just uploading pics smaller makes it free????...i'll try that ;0)x

  2. I didn't know about the picture size either. Thank you so much for letting us know all about that! Your fabric wreath is beautiful. Oh to have the time for this. maybe for next Christmas.

  3. Yay, so glad you're all sorted pixie! Love your wreath.
    Victoria xx

  4. That's so weird. I was just making one today from that book Home sweet sewn. I don't know if you'e seen it. I'm just hunting about for green buttons now. Glad you got sorted!

  5. Lovely wreath... I have the same problem and a lumix too... BUT how does one make pixels smaller to get free photos??

  6. Your Wreath is completely beautiful - you must be so pleased with it.

  7. I LOVE this! You make such wonderful magic. So glad you are okay to conintue posting, and thank you for the tips too, useful to know. Love that Robin. x

  8. OOH Pixie! so glad you are back, with such a beautiful wreath. Thank you for sharing the photo problem, probably a warning to us all?
    Bestest D x

  9. Really pleased that your pixels are sorted out and you are back - the wreath is gorgeous and the teeny robin soooo sweet.

  10. Glad you got sorted out Pixie. Your fabric wreath is just gorgeous. Lovely to have you and your images back. jayne x

  11. Lovely to have you and your pictures back. The colours you have used for the wreath are gorgeous. Where are you going to hang it? Karen Xx

  12. Hi gorgeous girl! I've been away from the old computer for far too long so was bursting to catch up with things at the Nook! I'm so glad you've sorted out your technical glitches. I was having a similar problem with another website I was trying to load pics to. It was a simple fix once I realised I needed to seriously downsize the setting on my camera!! I've changed it to be a small file size but it still prints a very clear 6x4 if needed.

    Your wreath is beyond amazing!!!!! I adore it. That is definitely a piece you can treasure forever and ever.

    Take care hon - I hope the festive season isn't wearing you out too much.

  13. Lovely wreath and so glad you got your photo problem sorted ... I made a fabric wreath recently at a handmade christmas craft class I went to ... I have a picture on my blog ... it's similiar to yours but I think yours is more elegant :) ... Bee x

  14. Lovely wreath Pixie... I shall go off now and try to change my picture size on camera, or just when downloading??? Oh I really dislike technical stuff!

  15. Yay so glad that you managed to sort it out!

    Your wreath looks lovely, what a brilliant idea.

  16. So glad you're back and have this figured out! I L O V E that sweet wreath! It's really the cutest, Pixie!


  17. Your wreath is gorgeous, Pixie and that little birdie just too sweet : -)

  18. Love your fun and festive wreath---buttons, flowers, and a birdie! so nice to share the "how to" for us stitchers.
    So glad to have you back!