Sunday, 16 December 2012

....Little Robin....

When father takes his spade to dig,
The Robin comes along,
He sits upon a little twig.
And sings a little song,
Or, if the trees are rather far,
He does not stay alone,
But comes up close to where we are,
And bobs upon a stone.
L Alma Tadema


  1. When the red, red, robin comes bob. bob, bobbin along.......Lucey x

  2. Cutest little robin ever!!! love it!!

  3. Such a little cutie - love the expression on his little face.

  4. What a sweet little robin, Pixie! The first robin I ever saw was in Watlington, visiting my sister-in-law. It was hopping about her back garden. And from that same little town I bought an Emma Bridgewater mug home with me, as a lovely holiday memory. It's my hot chocolate mug : -) Is your little robin a brooch pin?

  5. He's lovely, I have one too who follows me around the garden! :)

  6. Love your robin pixie. I especially like it when they have big fat tummies. My friend makes gorgeous robins with little dangly legs, I have him on my twigs and fairy lights twinkling and making his legs swing! x

  7. You clever girl - your robin is adorable! I have felt so rotten because I haven't had time to visit you lately. I hope you have the most wonderful Christmas hon. Stay warm and cosy by your fire won't you! I can just see you there all cosy with needle in hand!! It's been hot here, almost too hot for me but today it's incredibly foggy. Crazy stuff.

    It's officially Christmas Eve here now and my two wee ones have just burst through the door so excited. It's going to be a long day with them asking every few minutes "how long before Father Christmas comes?". Too cute.

    Take care hon,