Saturday, 18 May 2013

....Some new 'Mad hatter watch brooches'....

....Yes i have been busy stitching away at some new brooches....

.....I do love making these....
....i am making some with crocheted bows and charms....
....this one has a wee teapot....
....and this one simply likes to 'Tic Toc'....
....I have some new ideas for more watchy trinkets coming soon...
....Pixie x...


  1. How cute are they! you are so imaginative xx

  2. Just love them, beautifull my dear friend.
    Hugs from Rain :)

  3. Lovely, so imaginative! xo

  4. Such a sweet little time piece, magical! :) x

  5. Love them pixie so quirky and cute. Your stitching is so so neat. x

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous Pixie!!! You can't begin to imagine how thrilled I was to pop by your blog just in case you were back - and you were!!! I hope you've had a lovely rest and are feeling all revived and fabulous. It sure looks as if you've been busy in the last wee while. I adore your clocks so much - talk about sweet.

    I have been utterly rubbish at reading blogs or doing any posts for far too long - but I have kept popping by just to see if you were back. I've missed you hon.

    Have a fabulous week - see you again soon.

  7. Lovely, lovely 'watch'.
    Did I say already, great to have you back.