Sunday, 7 July 2013

....A walk by the lakes.... of my favourite places to go, when at times things in life just get too stressful, is a walk by the lakes.....

.....i have to escape from to time to time to a place of peace and solitude, i don't cope very well with the noise created by modern living, and at times i need the sounds of birds and nature to bring me back to myself....
....we rested here for a little while to eat our salad rolls and just sit in silence, listening to the gentle lapping water....
....there was the occasional glug on the water surface as a pike came up for a look.... was a very very hot day, and we just strolled slowly and aimlessly along winding paths.....
....out the corner of your eye you could just see electric blue and green dragonflies flitting about....
....this little dragonfly agreed to have its photo taken, though as a rule they don't like to be photographed........there quite shy....
.....then we wandered onwards back along the path, we both had need of a cold beer at a local pub on our minds....
.....thats better....



  1. Arrrrhhh big sigh of relaxing.......just so clam and beautiful.
    Mr Dragonfly is simply splendid.
    Love V

  2. Great pic of the dragonfly. Love the lake so beautiful.

  3. Wonderful! I find being by the water so calming - I could sit there for hours just switching off and soaking it all in. Then again a cold beer on a day like that also sounds fairly therapeutic! Jane x

  4. Beautiful pictures - very soothing. I find most aspects of modern living stressful but noise is definitely the worst. Perfect to be able to escape to such a lovely place especially on a beautiful day. Karen x

  5. What a pretty spot to walk and relax. Love the dragonfly picture.

  6. It's all so lovely and calming. It's almost too hot here right now even to walk by a lake, unless early in the morning or evening. Love all you're doing dear friend!