Tuesday, 25 February 2014

....Thank you....

....yes, thank you, thank you, so so much for your kind comments regarding my icky lurginess....

....I'm on the mend, its now day seven and all the worst is over (thank goodness), I've even had a chance to finish another 'watch brooch' and add it to my shop.....though i think i need to go and find my little nest on the sofa now and shut my eyes for a bit......doesn't flu zap all your energy?.....

....Huggy hugs friends....xxx

....note the added extra of a real 'second hand'....
(ticking not included unfortunately)

....And i wonder who that might be!.......answers soon x...

.....Hugs Pixie....


  1. Glad you're on the mend...another lovely watch! And a mysterious looking creature...can't wait to see more! Chrissie x

  2. Hope you feel better soon. The little creature looks interesting, Betty

  3. there are a lot of nasty bugs around at the moment. Glad you are feeling better Pixie x

  4. It's been so long since I've stopped by! Glad to hear you are feeling better, and I'm looking forward to hearing more about that adorable last picture!
    Kate :}

  5. Love your latest watch creation. I am wearing mine today with my gray sweater, drinking buckets of hot tea, while we wait out a very heavy rainstorm. Haven't had that flu yet, I'm hoping to escape the bug this year. Toodles.

  6. so glad you are feeling better now and been able to create...i have been lucky and avoided this lurgy that is doing the rounds~eeep hope i haven't jinxed myself now!!! xoxoxo