Saturday, 26 April 2014

....A little story....

....Many many years ago ( im talking about twenty years ago ) a lovely lady used to live in one of the cottages opposite me, her name was Julia....and her and i got on really well,  we shared a lot of the same thoughts and ideas about nature, and spirituality, at the time i was teaching a very small group of people meditation and she used to do Indian head massage, in fact i used to be one of her heads to practise on.....she had an allotment and grew all her own veg and sometimes i would come home and find a bag hanging on my front door with runner beans or rhubarb in it....
....then one day i came home and she had put a little book through my door....
....and it changed my life....
....not in a great big big way but in a way that reaffirmed all my inner thoughts about the Goddess or mother nature if you prefer....and our connections to all things on this planet....
....The book was....
....The Earths cycle of celebration... by Glennie Kindred.... i want to share with you this author and her beautiful little books...

...all the art work is her own too...

....this book i have treasured all these years, and along the way i have added to it...

....The sacred tree....and Creating celebration i bought from the gift shop at Avebury....
....Avebury is an incredible place too, so eerie and peaceful, you just feel compelled to hug the stones.....well i do, ,but then i hug anything.....x

....Elements of change i bought from 'The Goddess and the Green man in Glastonbury a couple of years ago......oh how i love this shop....go have a look ''Here''...

....and this little Herb book turned up in my Christmas stocking one year....i think that was when i started working in the herbalists.....and i still work there now ten years on....

....Mother nature has the true....
....Anyway.... a little story, and a little bit of sharing....if you already know of Glennie Kindred then do drop me a line, perhaps you have a story too.....or if this is your first introduction then i encourage you to take a pathway stroll Here.....
.....She might change your life too...


  1. I love Glennie Kindred, I have many of those books - aren't the illustrations incredible? I love how they are small tomes, simply made, but connect me to the earth even just by holding them! Nice to know you enjoy them, too! Chrissie x

    1. Hi Chrissie....oh how wonderful another fan....xx

  2. Great post! What lovely little books! I have not heard of Glennie Kindred, so I'm off to check out the link you shared!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Kate :}

  3. hello Pixie as you no I love Glennie Kindred too, am just dipping into *letting in the wild edges*,,, it is also lovely. I love this post :-) xx

  4. What a lovely, cosy post to greet me on a blustery Saturday afternoon.
    Ah, this wonderful artist/author also swept into my life many years past. I think my bookshelf might somewhat resemble your own.
    It is strange that I dwell fairly close to Avebury, yet have still not got around to visiting. I know I really should. I've heard so many marvelous accounts of other peoples visits.
    My, your post are always such a treat :)

  5. Oh I want....! Need to check this out further. Big huggy hugs my lovely bloggy pal xxx

  6. Hello there, just catching up. What a lovely blanket from your last post! I have not heard of this writer before, but the books look very interesting indeed and are beautifully illustrated. Hope that you are having a good weekend. xx

  7. I haven't heard of her, but from the looks of those sweet books, i know I will love them as you so obviously do. I have just had a quick look at her site and will now decide which book I will order. Thanks ever so much for sharing. xx

  8. Hi just love this post. Sadly I have not heard of Glennie Kindred before so will be looking on your link.........xx

  9. i have and adore these books, i also have earth wisdom and sacred celebrations and always dipping into them, they are just beautiful. my copy of herbal healers has the rather random autograph of Alistair Appleton in! we were driving through a small village when we lived in dorset and saw filming and a camera pan our way so i made swampy turn back. this chap came over to chat and i found out Alistair was there~he came and had a chat, admired our camper and autographed my book :)

  10. I liked that post I have the books and will get them down and read them again thanks for the reminder hx

  11. Purtroppo questa autrice non è pubblicata in Italia, ma da ciò che vedo devono essere libri veramente interessanti.
    Buona settimana!

  12. Morning Pixie, I discovered Glennie Kindred in 2003 and have all her books. I am reading Letting in the Wild Edges at the moment. I would love to go on one of her courses sometime. She co-produces a wonderful diary each year called Earth Pathways which is so beautiful. Lovely to know you find her inspiring too. xx

  13. I have never heard of her... Thank you for sharing...The books look wonderful :D