Thursday, 24 April 2014

....The ''Riverbank blanket'' ..... oh so nearly finished....

....i am so excited that its nearly completed....

.....there are just a few more squares to do and then i need to think about the border and what, or how, i want to finish it off....

....i absolutely love the feeling of a new finished crocheted blanket, and i cant wait to fling it on our bed and snuggle up under it like wood elves do....
....i am already thinking about a new pattern for the next many inspiring designs on Pinterest....
.....I have also treated myself to a lovely new basket for my yarn.....yum yum yum.....xx

....Toodles for now....


  1. Oooooh I love it. You know I am currently in process of making one very much like your one in the pic at the top right of your blog? x

  2. I love the colour of it. Just beautiful.

  3. The colors are great! I'm inspired all over again, must get back to working on mine.

  4. A very lovely blanket! Chrissie x

  5. love it oh gorgeous one! just back from hols - dreamt we went to London to meet Jessie Chorley!!!! x

  6. The colours are perfect. Looking forward to seeing what you decide for the border as I am collecting ideas for a similar project. Have been practising my crochet and its improving slowly. Have a lovely weekend. Its raining here so I expect its the same along the coast and an excuse to stay in and make things. xx

  7. lovely! It is such an accomplishment. Just fabulous :)

  8. Riverbank! is this a reference to 'The winds in the willows' story? I can just imagine this blanket in such a place, with a picnic hamper upon it and yes, equally at home with elves peering from under. I agree with other comments on the beautiful colours.
    Also, I very much admire your lamp, It's lovely!

  9. its beautiful~i hope you have a lovely wood~elf snuggle :) xoxo