Tuesday, 24 June 2014

....I have my ticket....

....and i still cant find my wellies, im sure there under the stairs somewhere....!
....Toodles friends....
I will be back with ( hopefully) hundreds of photos to share


  1. Ooh my brother is going too. Have you room for me?! Xxx

  2. Hope it stays dry!
    Although it's held in my neck of the woods, I've never been (apart from wandering in and having a little nose at the first one many long years ago, which hints at how ancient I am) to the Pilton bop because it always coincides with the weekend my far-flung clan gather to celebrate five important birthdays - yes, five family members all born the same week (but not all the same year - though three are!).
    Can't wait to see your pics :) Have fun!

  3. hope you have a great time Pixie, look forward to hearing all about it x

  4. Hope you have a wonderful time. We love to watch in comfort near a kettle. xx