Saturday, 9 April 2011

....I just wanted to share this with you...

....Mr pixie and i have just come back from a really lovely peaceful day out in the countryside, it was just so restful to escape from the seaside, which ,yes, i know that is lovely too, but i am a country girl at heart, i went to school in a village and grew up surrounded by meadows and streams and climbed trees and picked flowers and we had an orchard, and i miss it so incredibly much, so when i can i persuade my beloved to drive us out somewhere rural for the day just so i can get my fill of trees, meadows, woods and farmy animals.
 Anyway, to cut a long story short ( and trust me it would be a long story if i started to go into my growing up in the country thing, so i will spare you that, for now), on our little jaunts out we sometimes go to a really beautiful place called 'Badgers hill farm', it is just the most loveliest wee place, with chickens and geese wandering about at their own leisure and goats grazing, there;s even the odd emu taking a stroll, they do cakes and tea and such like and children just love it, well the thing i wanted to show you was there flyer, its been hand drawn and then printed for people to take away with them, so here it is......

....isn't it lovely, i now have it stuck on my wall in the kitchen..... and....

.....a duck with a just made my day.    

.....its the simple things in life that just makes everything that little bit better, don't you think.  Anyway, hope your all having a lovely weekend wherever you all may be and enjoying the wonderful sunshine, its been a long time coming.......Pixie xxx

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  1. Hi Pixie, I adore the picture of the duck with the toupee! When I lived in Scotland a few years ago I stayed on my relatives farm and we hatched a duckling who had a mohawk. It stayed that way his whole life too. Very cool!! Have a fab weekend!