Saturday, 16 April 2011

...Saturday... i have rooted out all the unfinished crochet that i have stashed away....

...i didn't realise that i had that much unfinished, but you know what its like, you just get distracted with other designs.... now my wrist is feeling much better i am going to tackle finishing some of them, especially the large blanket that has been hanging around for some time....soooo, hopefully i will keep you posted with the progress.....also, another new book....

....this is lovely, i just had to have it, its all about using , collecting and displaying all the things that you love, from old letters to shells to photos, and using different textures and's a few piccies....

.... hope your all having a lovely weekend, we are off to an antiques and collectors fair tomorrow, so hopefully i will come back with some treasures, bye for now Pixie xx


  1. Your unfinished crotchet stash looks amazing... I do envy your skills! Keep going... you can do it x

  2. Wow what a beautiful crochet stash! I can't wait to see all your lovely goodies as you finish them. So pleased your wrist is feeling better now. Hope you're having a fab week hon.