Saturday, 23 April 2011

....So near, yet so far... crochet blanket that i have been working on for what seems like an age is actually nearly nearly finished, i have got to last remaining few hexagons and then went and ran out of white wool, 'doh', so here it is so far, missing the last few pieces and off course the edging, which i am not too sure what i want to do for the edging yet, i have a feeling it will probably be a lucy edging... so here it far.....

....its quite a size actually, i think i have counted without the last eight or nine, two hundred hexagons, phew...

....also its pretty heavy, so i think us pixies are going be nice and snugly under it when Autumn comes back round again. Certainly not at the moment ,we seem to of gone straight from winter into summer, its really really hot, so no snugly blanket just yet...poo.

....and a final photo of the unfinished corner, i just want Mr postman to hurry up with my wool. Anyway, cheerio for now, hope your lovely long weekend is all going just peachy and i will see you all soon.  Pixie xxx


  1. Returning the visit, thanks for popping into my blog Pixie! I love your blanket, its stunning! :-)

    Leanne x

  2. Wow, wow, wow - I was so excited seeing your baby update that I hadn't scrolled down to see you blanket post. It is the most gorgeous bed cover I've seen and I'm green with envy. That must have taken a lot of patience - well done. I think it wouldn't be possible to have a bad night's sleep under such a delicious blanket!

  3. My goodness, Pixie! What a beautiful work of art!! I wish I had the skills to create something like this. It would be so cozy to curl up with a blanket like this - like getting a hug from a best friend!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! It was lovely to hear from you. :)