Saturday, 21 May 2011

...The crappity crap lurgy attack...

...I have been bed bound for two whole days with a crappity wretched lurgy thingy, two days spent in my pyjamas shivering one minute, sweating buckets the next and cough, cough, cough, coughing my poor lungs up, my joints hurt and i had to phone in sick to work, and i don't like doing that, so yet another weekend lost to bugs, it didn't help when Mr Pixie said i looked like an extra out of  the zombie film '28 days later' due to my lack of colour in my face and  my eyes a bit blood shot from the continuous coughing, i  have only just got over laryngitis now this,.. there.., that's my rant over, it does make you feel better to have a good old whinge now and then doesn't it,...anyhoo, enough of that, i just needed to put it down in writing somewhere.  Although, a more positive way with all the sweating, aching and coughing i was able to do some more crochet and to read my book, the only time i ever get to enjoy reading is when i go to bed and then its only about ten minutes and then my eyes start to glaze over and it all goes blurred, so it has been an unexpected luxury.
....So, you have probably noticed that this particular post doesn't have anything creative at all to show you, just a philosophical moan, but then i guess that's how life just is sometimes, its a small reminder of what  we take for granted, that not necessarily everything does go along as predicatively as we expect, every now and then life lobs a rock in your direction and all the things that you do day in and day out gets a bit shook up, and i quite like that sometimes, those little rocks that make you remember to expect the unexpected......xx Pixie


  1. You poor thing! I really get down and just a tiny bit depressed when I have all that chest junk going on. And I agree with you about the reading part. I get the most reading done when I'm forced to stay in bed (same at bedtime as you, a goner in about 5-10 minutes of reading). Hope all this gets over quickly Pixie!

    Well, I have done a commission or 2, but they can be kind of costly. I am just finishing up a very cute little clutch that I was planning on putting in my Etsy store. It's pink and coved with little roses. It's got a green wool lining, and all stitched together with a deep rosed colored wool yarn. I think I'm going to use this vintage green suede button from the 60's that my mom used when she made a gorgeous coat. Anyway, that's all I'll have new for a bit. Now, if you wanted some sort of smaller mat, maybe 10"x10" that would be a lot cheaper than a rug. If you want, I can email you a picture of the clutch bag when it's finished. Also, you can see a few of my clutches on the Flicker site. I made about four over the past year. The one I'm doing now is the same style, just totally different patterns and colors. Soooo..... that may be more info than you needed, but you're just a doll to inquire, and it's very flattering for me.

    Here's to getting healthy and well!

  2. How are you feeling sweetpea? Hopefully a little better. Is your Manuka honey elixir doing the trick? Manuka honey is a bit of a cure-all in our part of the world so hopefully it is working wonders for you hon. I started joining my japanese flowers together - not sure if they will stay this way but so far they are in two rows joined almost like a zig zag - so not directly side by side - does that make sense? I think I will do a long section then join into a cowl (another one!!). Will keep you posted.

  3. Oh Pixie... I can so relate. I am down with a lurgy attack my self though not quite as bad as yours sounds. Goodness take good care of your self, lots of tea and toast. I love the crochet blanket you are making I wish I could crochet but I have even less patience that you. Keep it up!
    Hacking in Sympathy,