Monday, 2 May 2011


...Open the champagne and hang out the bunting, the 'forever on going blanket' is FINISHED, yaaaaay....
An unimaginable amount of wool used, 218 hexagon's made, countless cups of tea and glasses of wine, a couple of tantrums and possibly the odd shed tear....and it was all worth it....I LOVE IT......
....Now for the sexy photo shoot......

....when it came to doing the edging i really was in a quandary, what type of edging to do that would run round the whole circumference (now there's a word i haven't used since school), that would run smoothly without any puckering, i considered the scallop edge look but i had a feeling that with hexagon's it would all get a bit messy in the corners, so then i had an idea to just go round the whole thing in double crochet twice but then putting a little picot bobble on the corners... and i think it has worked beautifully.....

....and a sexy shot on my monks settle..... more...

....And to think this nearly ended up as a cushion a few times.
...So there you have it...please please please leave me some comments on this one i would LOVE to know what you think, even if your not a crochet fan i would still love to hear from you.
...I'm going to have a glass of wine now and pat myself on the back, and then go and have a look at the other crochet projects that need finishing, i know there's another blanket on the go somewhere...

Bye for now, Pixie xxx


  1. I have the greatest admiration for your patience keeping on with this beautiful piece of work, when it nearly ended up as cushion covers! I have never ever crotcheted... but absolutely LOVE this piece.. it's adorable.. a real heirloom, to be handed down through the generations. I'm so glad you finished it! xxx

  2. Wow Pixie , it's a stunner !!!!! I love all the dark colours against the white . I love the border. I love the solidness of the white you've got from sewing the hexagons together . I just LOVE it :0)
    Well done!!!!!
    Jacquie x

  3. Pixie it's truly fabulous! I think your picot edging is absolutely inspired. It is just perfect and shows of your hexagons beautifully hon. I have to tell you, after seeing your progress post on your lovely blanket, I had to hit the shops and buy some white wool. For some reason I have never included white in my crochet but your blanket has shown me the error of my ways!!! I would love to have a go at a blanket just like yours if you don't mind. It would probably take me about 10 years but it would be worth every stitch. Have a fab week hon.

  4. It's absolutely fabulous! And I agree that the white is just so perfect, and I love the finishing work you did with the little balls at the points. I've only done a small granny square type of piece, and had the most difficult time loose ends. Yours is just so perfectly perfect! Gorgeous!

  5. This is an absolutely gorgeous blankie. You should be so proud!!

  6. It's lovely! Looks absolutely fabulous on your bed. A family heirloom for sure!