Wednesday, 1 June 2011

....A beautiful day.... work.... work today, as its my birthday...well...its what we call my see, my real actual birthday is in January, a week after Christmas actually, and i decided that after 43 birthdays of being in the dead off winter that i wanted to change i June., much better for me and much better for everybody else, so today i have enjoyed a lovely restful morning outside in my little crafte court yard doing some knitting and some crochet, just sitting in the sun enjoying a large slice of birthday black forest gateau bought by my beloved and opening my prezzies and cards.......complete...and utter.....blissss. you can see i am still hooking away at the Japanese flower thingy, i do enjoy making these little flowers there very therapeutic, and i wanted to say to everyone who gave some really good suggestions for what to turn this piece of crochet into, a big 'thank you', i will show you its progress i was sitting doing my flowers i kept feeling small pieces of something landing in my hair, as i brushed my hand over my head i noticed it was bits of cherry innards, so i looked up to see who or what was chucking cherry stuff at me and it was this.....

....he's very well camouflaged isn't he? took me a while to spot him, he's a 'Ringed neck parakeet', we get a huge amount of these round our way and i know they have a bit off a thing for this cherry tree as i am always finding half eaten cherry bits outside the back door, and they do make a lot of noise, there very squarky....but ever so pretty....anyway, after snatching a photo of my friend in the tree the postman turned up and handed me this.....i knew what this was, and i am soooo unbelievably excited you have no idea.....

....i treated myself, as a birthday gift to me....this.....

....can you see whats written on my receipt....

....not until November, but this is going to be GREAT....
....oh my goodness i cant contain myself..i am such a fan of 'Julies', always have been, and if you haven't seen any off her work please please go and have a look through 'google images' theres lots of her work to be seen, unfortunately she doesn't have a website or blog, but do go and have a look.

....So, that's all from me for today, Mr Pixie is cooking me dinner later and then where going to snuggle up on the sofa and watch a film, I'm going to leave you with a couple of Julie Arkel pictures, enjoy....bye for now Pixie..


  1. HAPPY JUNE BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have had the most amazing day - it certainly looks perfect from your fabulous photos! I am green with envy as I sit huddled by the fire here. Your basket of wool by your feet and cake nearby - what a perfect, perfect way to spend a birthday. I hope you manage to stretch the celebrations out for a few more days. The workshop will be amazing - how exciting!

    The manuka honey did the trick and I'm almost back to my old self yay. Am going to get cracking on my hexagons this weekend as I have 24 hours to myself, bliss. Can I ask what pattern you used as I've been searching and searching but can't find anything I like as much as yours! Take care hon.

  2. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful "un-birthday" just like the mad hatter (no similarity implied LOL).
    There are parakeets in huge numbers where my Mum lives in West London and they had spread to Bucks before we left there.

    Looking forward to seeing your "thingy" develop :-D

  3. Happy Happy Day! My birthday is also in June, and I've always been so pleased because there was never any school on my bday. I felt sorry for all the kiddos who had to come to school on theirs. It seemed so unfair! Oh Pixie, I just love your crocheting.... I did a bunch of granny squares a year ago while recovering from a foot surgery. I did well, but never put them together properly. Also, I love all the different granny square designs. I'm having the same surgery on my other foot in August, and will be tied to the house for about a month. It's hard to rug hook when my foot is elevated, but crocheting is perfect. I really need to get my rusty crochet hooks out and practice. I also have an "owl in the dark" knitting pattern that's waiting for me. It's the fawncho... do you know that one? I did the little robin wristies and get tons of compliments when I where them. It seems as though I bumped upon Julie Arkel at some point, probably on a blog. I'll check out her work. Good for you signing up for a workshop. I try and take a rug hooking workshop every couple of years. Very inspiring, and the collective energy if a group is involved is wonderful!

  4. Hi Pixie, thank you so much for the hexagon info! I had seen Lucy's ones and had scribbled down her instructions but yours looked so much nicer. You know what it is - it's the white border I think. It just makes them look so much better! I am going to start them tomorrow and I can't wait. Thank you again for the wonderful inspiration. Have a fabulous weekend hon.