Saturday, 11 June 2011

....I won, won, won.....

....i have won a give away, and i am absolutely astounded, and thrilled,...i am astounded as i have NEVER won anything IN...MY....LIFE...., i kid you not, i really haven't, so when my first ever won item came today i was quite literally shaking with excitement......and ohhhh what a win, just take a look at this.....

....isn't it just stunning....its called 'The twisted tree', by 'Little wren', aka Michelle
and i just love love love it, you so so muchly Michelle for my beautiful print, i am going to hang it up in my little kitchen so i can see it everyday. x x x


  1. Awww I'm so so glad you like it! I'm very glad it's gone to a good home! xxx

  2. Wow that's so exciting - congrats hon! It looks absolutely amazing. I hope you find the perfect spot for it in your lovely home. Have a fab week. PS: love your new profile pic - summer feet!!

  3. How have I missed all your yarn and fun here. New follower.