Sunday, 7 October 2012

.....An Autumn hedgerow hat.... Autumn 'Hedgerow hat' for picking blackberries and collecting acorns whilst wandering through secret woodland pathways and spying on fairies.......

....... (though trying to take a photo of ones self, in said hedgerow hat did prove a tad sorry for the awkward photo shoot) ......

.....good on earth are you supposed to take a photo of the back of your head !....
 you know...i have thoroughly enjoyed knitting this easy peasy quickity quick hat...... took me only a few evenings to do, and now i have visions of other ones in different colours ,with maybe leaves and acorns embroidered on or crocheted flowers.....
......all knitted on a sixteen inch circular needle, with 5 size 3.5 dpn's and knitted with lovely scrummy super soft 'Louise Harding, alpaca yarn'.....£4.95 a ball, i used  two balls...... I'm off to catch me a fairy.....
x Pixie x


  1. Lovely hat, I love the colour...:)

  2. My goodness, it is a lovely hat. Such a good thing for keeping warm in this time of coolness. It is a wonder.
    I think that the blackberries are gone here, but the wonder of the acorns keep me so happy. From little acorns big things grow. Aren't they something else?

  3. My first thoughts were "a lovely hat", which have already been said by others...
    But it is a lovely hat and looks so wonderfully warm and cozy.
    xo <3

  4. Now that is one very, very lovely hat! You are such a fantastic knitter aren't you. I can't believe you just whipped it up in a couple of evenings. I had to laugh at your comment about how tricky it is to get a photo of the back of your head! I was trying to take a photo of the back of my head the other morning to inspect the hair bun I had attempted ... I just about turned myself inside out trying to do it!

    Have a fabulous week finding fairies gorgeous girl.

  5. Congrats! I think you've done excellently with the photographing of said back-of-head-while-wearing-gorgeously-knitted fairy-finding-hat!!

  6. Just love your sweet hat! It's so funny, because the day I read this post I had just come in from a walk and was thinking that I needed to knit a hat. I always wear the same one....... I've never knitted one, and I was thinking alpaca would be best...... I really like that pattern!


  7. I love your attempts at photographing your creation Pixie, love the room you are using too. That looks a lovely cosy autumn make, bet you get lots of wear out of it over the next few months, it has turned really chilly up north. jayne x

  8. i have been going through my hat collection this week-the temperature has finally droppe enough here in the forest to warrant one...i chose a black beret but now i want a hat like yours!!! *hurries off to find crochet version* :)