Tuesday, 16 October 2012

....There is a place of wonder.....

.....a unique place.....
.....a place that is wild and beautiful.....

.....it is a place on our Kent coast line that i love to go to.........to be blown by the never stopping winds that buffet the shore line, and to just be completely enveloped in its wild unstoppable fury.....

.....This place is called 'Dungeness'.....

.....This wilderness is one of the longest shingle beaches in the world, and it is a national nature reserve and a special protection area.....

......When you are there, standing on the edge of the world you cant help but be transported......

.....And the only way to see this place is when the weather is at its absolute best,, Armageddon one side, and heaven the other......

....This wilderness here has been slowly shaped by time, and also shaped very gently by human hand......

....every boat here has been left to naturally rot and decay, yet an artists hand has made these corpses seem like the heart beat is still faint......

.....the intestines of the boats lay strewn around....
....and the once beating hearts are mounted on plinths as pieces of sculpture....
....wood...iron...and stone....
.....your emotions cannot help but be stirred here....
....there are a few small wooden houses barely bigger than a large shed that artists and writers live in.....to be inspired by the scenery and the weather......
......this was also the home of the late Derek Jarmen, he was an English film and music video maker........and many people come to see his home and photograph it as it has a beauty all its own....
....there is book available about 'Derek Jarmans house and garden' if you want to know more......
....The poem on the side of the house is by John Donne, and is called 'The sun rising'....
....my heart is home in wild places....
Pixie x
....Here is lovely video of Derek Jarmans garden....



  1. Fabulous pictures pixie, LoVe the Wildness of Dungeness!
    Victoria xx

  2. Did you take these photos Pixie? they are beautiful.The composition and design of each photograph is like a beautiful painting.If you did take these photos then you are def meant to take more!!!!

  3. great photos. I would love to see that garden. I read somewhere that it got swept away and rebuilt on at least one occasion.

  4. You've captured it brilliantly Pixie, very atmospheric, I'm just going to put another jumper on! Ada :)

  5. Wow, what a post Pixie, so magical in so many ways. The images are absolutely stunning, each one tells it own story. I love the seashore. I have always lived on the north east coast and love the sense of freedom it brings, strolling along the beach is one of my favourite things to do, especially when you paddle in the shallows. Just about to watch that video. Love the yellow windows x

  6. Great post! This is one of the places I go to feel wild and free, the wind in my hair and tears running down my cheeks (real and wind made).
    Did you see the Polish aircrew memorial? that was a wonder to me, in the middle of nowhere.
    I seriously considered buying one of the wooden houses last year; then i realised there are no fences, so not good for my kind of hound!
    I stayed at the Galavant hotel at Camber, on a Dog walker days away deal, I can recommend it for a few days.
    Lovely photo's, thank.

  7. your words... and photos... are quite beautiful

  8. Beautiful pictures. Lovely post, thank you.

  9. Oh wow!! What an amazing place, and your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! Fantastic post!
    Kate :}

  10. what an amazing place. Love your beautiful photos...abandoned boats, clouds, stones...and the poet's house looks a lot like our home!

  11. beautiful...i have always wanted to visit there and looking at your photos i think next year i should pack up pretty pagan and have a trip :)

  12. Thanks for sharing one of your very special places with us Pixie. Absolutely stunning! Your photos are simply gorgeous, beautifully composed. Love the dramatic weather (blue skies, grey, rainbows and those clouds!) as your backdrop. There's something quite lovely about the care taken of the slowly decaying boats. Beautiful. x

  13. What a beautiful, atmospheric place ... captured perfectly by your amazing photos. I definately want to walk along those pebbles.

  14. hauntingly beautiful! Just love to see your adventures : )

  15. Stunning pictures.

    Hi Pixie, I am new to your blog, and am so happy to have popped by to discover it. I will be staying tuned to learn more about your crafty works, too!


  16. I've always wanted to visit here! These photos are magical! The spirit of the place is strong in them. I love the idea of a poem on the side of a home and Jarman was an enchanting and wild character. Thank you so much for sharing. x

  17. my heart is in wild places too.
    I love your photographs... such a stunning place, and so interesting.
    I would love to live in Derek Jarmans little house. It is gorgeous.xxx