Saturday, 27 October 2012

.....Floras cousin........'Mabel'...

.....'Mabel', finally arrived from deepest darkest Peru today, and the chatter of tiny voices has filled the house, Flora now has a friend to share her adventures with................................

.........Welcome Mabel........

....'Aunties old dress'... course we all know who her creator is.....
.....Julie Arkell will be at the Selvedge fair on the 10th of November.....
.....I'm going to make sure i get to this one this time.....
.....Hugs to you all my bloggy friends....


  1. Things really get lost in translation across the Atlantic. I thought you really had a cousin coming from Peru and that you've been visiting and taking her on excursions all about. Silly me!! But oh my. Little Floras is just the sweetest! Mable definitely needs a cousin to have adventures with. Also, I'm excited that I even know someone going to the Selvedge Fair. I love the poster their using this year. You've got to take gobs of photos to share with us!


  2. Oh oh Mabel is utterly delightful!
    Victoria xx

  3. Oh Mabel is gorgeous ... you must be so pleased to have her to stay ... Bee x

  4. I love what dulcey wrote. Made me laugh because I was thinking the same thing.
    Take lots of photos at the Selvedge Fair could you?

  5. The two lovelies can sit by the fire and catch up on all the gossip. Hasn't it turned cold down here now? Have fun at The Selvedge Fair - will have to go myself one year. Karen x

  6. Ahhhh, Mabel is such a cutie (love her dress, even if it is a hand-me-down from her Aunt). And how exciting to be going to the Selvedge Fair! Yes, lots of photos pretty please. xx

  7. Mabel is Divine!
    All hail the mighty Julie Arkell....
    Happy to have found your fab blog, feels like home...!!
    bestest daisy J .

  8. Oh hon, Mabel is just adorable! I haven't been online for ages so it's wonderful to pop in and see your latest post. I just wish I could invite myself over to join you for the Selvedge Fair - it sounds amazing!!!!

    Hope you're having a fab week. The sun has come out today and is streaming into my lounge. It makes everyone so much happier after the gloomy weather we've been having.

    See you again soon gorgeous girl.

  9. Omg I am a true Julie arkelll fan and would love to own one of her amazing creations- I adore Mabel!!!!! It's those little knitted ears and sweet faces.......... Thank you for sharing her........ Love your blog and will be following......... Best crafty wishes..... X

  10. Hello Mabel!

    Have fun at the Selvedge Fair, it sounds great.

  11. well now mabel is such a sweet little thing-i hope she had a calm journey across the sea!!!

  12. Love her name and love her too. One of these days I am going to get to that Selvedge fair....