Sunday, 20 January 2013

....Bix and Molly...

....''Oh no, its not snowing again is it Bix.....i don't like it''....

...''Yes it is Molly, and i'm not moving from this cushion no matter what happens''....

...Cats ay !...

.....I cant say i blame them, yes it is horrendous weather here, as you've probably noticed from everybody Else's blogs, the entire of England is covered in a very cold blanket of the white stuff, and for one minute last night i thought we would get away with it down here in the farthest corner of our island, but no....when i looked out the window this morning it did actually look like the end of the world....

.....So just like Bix and Molly we are staying put....i am going to light the fire in a minute and put the kettle on for the millionth time today......see you soon, stay warm Pixie xx



  1. Up here on the High Peak we normally get loads but not had that much really. I'm surprised. Cats are too cute.

  2. Snow! We are expecting more here in Norfolk... but so far it has not arrived (maybe it will miss us! I hope so, I can't bear another week of awful driving conditions).x

  3. kettle in overdrive today can never have too much tea! wooly socks, a snuggly blanket and a sewing box........lovely!x

  4. The snow is so beautiful when viewed from a cosy room with candles and fires lit. However, treacherous around here as ice underneath the snow has made it lethal underfoot.

  5. Love your cats they are so cute. The snows left us in Cornwall at the moment but it's really chilly. Tried tidying the garden but gave up...
    Your snow pics are great. I'm writing this in front of my log burner with one of the dogs next to me fast asleep. Hot chocolate next.

  6. Awwwww, snow, cups of tea or hot chocolate, cosy fires ... it all sounds absolutely delightful from the other side of the world. Beautiful photos. Blue skies and warm sun here today!! xx

  7. My cat keeps asking to go out but it back within 5 minutes, it's so funny watching her running down the garden trying not to get her feet cold! :) x

  8. Over this side of the world we are try to keep cool from the heat.
    Cute cat pictures my cat use to love to lie on his back with his belly to the fire it was very cute.
    I love the snow photos...:)

  9. I'm so envious of you snow! We seem to still be in a drought, even though it's horribly cold, it's sunny day after day. We've only had one snowy day this winter. It's very concerning since it was so dry last summer. I adore your little Mad Hatter watch pins, Pixie!! Such detail, and love the fabrics you chose. And.... your kitties appear to be toasty warm!


  10. The snowy pictures are so pretty! I wish we had a little bit of snow. Just a little bit....

  11. hope to all remained in the warm! flynt insisted on being taken out because he has so much springie it is bitterly cold and started to rain...which the local radio has said will turn to snow. as lovely as the forest looks in the snow i am looking forwards to warm, dry days!

  12. Bix and Molly are so cute! Love your pics of them. Also loved the snow although the melting of it has not been as beautiful as the falling of it. Stay warm and toasty, still so cold. Minerva ~