Wednesday, 30 January 2013

....The exchange....

.....An exchange was made....between two bloggy friends, one from snowy cold old blighty and the other the heat soaked country of Australia......

...Our little presents passed each other in flight across an ocean, waved to each other and continued on there destination......

....Mine to Trudy, a 'Pocket watch brooch', telling the time of her favourite time of day......

.....and from Trudy to me.....

....a most gorgeous wonderful handmade cuff.....

.....and i love it to bits....

....a cuff of great beauty....

.....and a cuff of great style....

....i love my new fashion accessory....

....i shall wear it always....

.....thank you my dear friend....x


  1. My gosh Pixie! I love the cuff and your whole outfit! You have such a knack for putting things together....

  2. Oh how lovely,what a lovely swap for you both!
    I think I used to live in a house like yours the cupboard you are standing in front used to be the cupboard under the stairs!
    Daisy j

  3. A truly lovely swap, isn't this creative community just fab! :) x

  4. Great swap!
    I love the photos. Nice hat?

  5. ...what lovely gifts between friends....lovely pics pixie...happy thursday x

  6. What a lovely idea, the cuff goes perfectly with your sweater! I'm sure she will love her brooch as much as you love your cuff. Jayne x

  7. Your cuff is beautiful :) And I was just admiring Trudy's watch. Such a clever, pretty, fun thing!

  8. Wow! You're a very lucky Pixie! What a fab cuff - I love it. Mind you - Trudy is a lucky gal too to receive one of your gorgeous pieces too!!

    Hope you're having a fab week hon. The small folk go back to school properly tomorrow after a long summer break. I have to admit my normal routine has fallen apart completely so I'm looking forward to getting back on track.

    Have a fab week hon, see you again soon!

  9. Hiya Pixie, lovely post!!!! I am loving my "time piece", love wearing it!!! The photo of you with your foxy friend and little mouse is gorgeous. xx