Tuesday, 8 January 2013

...Blogger issues..agaaaaain....yawn...

....Yes my friends there are blogger issues yet again,, and this time blogger cant upload any images so the pictures that i wanted to share with you of my new makes i now cant....grrrrr...
.... But if you want to, you can pop on over to my little 'Nook shop' and take a peek at my new 'Mad Hatter watch brooches'....would love to hear what you think....
....So its bye bye for now until blogger gets its finger out and sorts out yet another problem.....again..yaaaaawn...
Hugs Pixie  xxx


  1. Hi Pixie, I had the same problem on Sunday via internet explorer. I downloaded google chrome and went into my blog that way and was able to insert images. Hope that helps. I did read there was a problem with internet explorer 9. Hope this helps jayne x

    1. It's driving me mad not being able to download pics....Going to try
      Google Chrome.WISH ME LUCK.

  2. Ooo! they are lovely - the little heart pendulum is so sweet and dinky.

  3. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Picasa, that is working for some x

  4. Love your watch brooches!!!!!!xxx
    I've been having the same problem, but opening up your blog with Google Chrome will do the trick : -)

  5. absolutely adorable brooches!

  6. Hi pixie.... Brooches are adorable! I have real probs with blogger too and when I'm away from my laptop have to put photos on with my phone and then try and edit blog separately.... Takes forever but will follow some of this advice myself!happy new year to you x