Saturday, 1 June 2013

.....I am on a mission.....

.....I am on a mission this year to make all my (whisper very quietly), 'Christmas presents'..... i know your probably thinking 'oh good grief, what is this woman thinking, we haven't even had summer yet'....yes i know this, but i say it to myself each year that passes that i will make all my presents, and then before Ive even put my sun tan lotion away its November again and I've run out of time.......again........but not this year, oh  no.......i started back in April, so this way i can take it nice and slow and not feel pressured to get it all made quickly........(we'll see!)
......So back in April my first gifty made was a........
......Socky sock monkey.....

....Oh i do love a socky monkey.....and this one has particularly long long legs....
.....good for tieing in knots....

....he has patches sewn on, and......
....odd buttons for eyes....
.....i have to say, he was great fun to make, i new those knee high chunky socks would come in useful for something...
......if you fancy making a socky sock monkey, there is a free template on line, just type in 'sock monkey pattern' into your search engine and there it is.....
.....Christmas gifty number one done...
.....see you soon...
x Pixie x


  1. YOGA sock monkey!! cute :-)

    I understand how you feel about the xmas gifts. With my kiln I have to think months before hand if I want gifts out of it!

    xx Lorraine xx

  2. never too soon, I started in February LOL

  3. Always a god idea to start early, and good for you you did! Cute sock monkey. I've made them too, years ago. groetjes, Gerda

  4. A brilliant idea Pixie and he is adorable. He is a very flexible monkey I have to say! Hope the recipient doesn't read your blog!!!! What is your next project I wonder?

  5. I LOVE socky! Might have to give that one a go! Well done you for getting started so - ahem - early! I know if I started to make things now I would either a) forget about them b)give them away in a last minute forgot the birthday present panic or c) lose the completely! Jane x

  6. Am with you on this one only I have only started in my head which is a bit rubbish really. Must make more!!!

  7. Hello Pixie! Sorry I've been absent for a while, but I've been checking in and marveling at all your creativity and wonderful projects. The sock monkey is darling, and I'm sure the receiver will be absolutely thrilled to get it! You're very smart and industrious to get Christmas gifts done and have everything all ready to go when it's time. Good for you!

  8. Very cute sock monkey. What a sweetie!! I'm in awe of your goal to make all your Christmas presents. So one down ... how many to go?!!!

  9. Adorable little monkey - love his odd eyes. Hope your plan is a success as its a good one and will make the run up to Christmas more relaxed! Karen xx