Saturday, 19 October 2013

.....Pin cushion....

....a most wondrous pin cushion.....

.....a most useful pin cushion.....

....a most marvellous pin cushion......

.....a most lovely gift from a lovely bloggy friend.....

.....Thank you most dearly Maria for my most 'wonderous, useful, marvellous, pin cushion.....

.....A pieceful life....
....Just perfect, i now have all my wayward pins in one place, instead of finding them by standing on them in the carpet.
x pixie x


  1. It is a very nice pin cushion love the color, very winter :)
    Nina ***

  2. That is one funky pin cushion, love the fabric and shape. I was given a needlecase for Christmas which has been a lifesaver, now I know where my needles are, instead of on the carpet like your pins! Jayne x

  3. Gorgeous pincushion envy. It looked nearly cruel to stab it with all those colourful pins!!
    Rosie xx

  4. Lovely pincushion, lucky girl : -) Think you need to go with black pinheads though (sorry, obsessive compulsive side having too much to say)!!!

  5. Thanks for showing the pincushion. It does look cute all finished: sorry I had to "flat pack" it.