Wednesday, 2 October 2013

.....The wood Nymph scarf.....

.....I have designed a scarf fit for a Wood Nymph.....


.....all Wood Nymphs like a scarf, especially a real wool snuggly one.....

......I have used extra chunky yarn for this crocheted scarf, with a size 8 hook, and have made lots of scallop shaped waves, edged with a nice thick border.....'s a close up of the waves.... the question i do a tutorial, or do i not? i able to explain this rather fiddly, made it up as i went along tutorial or am i not?.....
......I will have to see if i can write this out somehow.....
.....let me know your thoughts....

.....also.....i am liking my hair at the moment in these little buns.....
.....Pixie hugs to you all my dears....


  1. Well I'd love a tutorial - it's gorgeous. Also a friend of mine has just started crocheting again and she's looking for a bit of a challenge that will build up quite quickly - do you think this would be too difficult? Loving the layered look x Jane

  2. Oooh this is very cute!!! I love the color too. At first I thought you had made something from the book on your previous post. It would fit right in.
    Speaking of that, I gasped when I saw those hand warmers with the little butterflies. And then yours with the little bird and nest. Just lovely.

  3. Gorgeous, I was like Lynn thinking it was out of your book too. I love the super chunky yarn and the colour you have used. Jayne x

  4. Oh please please write the pattern out. I'm looking for quick and easy projects at the moment to give me a break from the blanket that I'm working on and this looks just perfect!

  5. Lovely! I've got the woodland knits book coming for my birthday, roll on November! X

  6. I love this but my crochet skills are not up to it. Love your hair too and that green cardie. Karen xx

  7. Miss Pixie, I didn't realise this was *your creation*. Well done you. It's gorgeous. And I love those little buns : -)