Sunday, 20 March 2011

...Hi there....

....friends out in blog land, wherever you all may be on this very beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon.
Today has been a fairly sedate kind of a day, a day that has drifted along on its own leisurely sundayness.
The morning was just taken up with having a lovely long lay in with the morning paper and a mug of hot tea, then fair amounts of faffing about and drifting from one room to the next, then at midday the whole layed back theme was spun on its axis by a very excited two year old clutching a bucket and spade in hand and shouting at the top of her lungs  "come on Ninny, were going to the beach", , she calls me ninny,, she already has a nanny so to stop confusion i opted for the ninny nanny. Cant imagine what the locals must think when shes shouting it out, aah well.
Then after my son had driven away and about fifty "bye bye ninnys",  yelled from the back seat of his car, i retired to my little creative space to quickly finish a page in my sketch book.

You may of noticed the crochet and knitting has slacked of a bit off late, this is due unfortunately to a painful left hand and thumb, each time i try and hold my crochet in really aggravates the problem, i think i may of over done the knitting and crochet and given myself a bit of a strain injury, so i need to rest it for a while.
....So, art it is for a while I'm afraid, sorry, i hope my lack of woolie bits and bobs doesn't deter you, i shall be back to clicking clacking and hooking very soon...
...Anyway, have an enjoyable rest of Sunday afternoon everyone wherever you are.... Pixie x

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