Tuesday, 29 March 2011

....A quick posting...

....a little look at the very talented 'Nathalie Lete'. Her artwork  has a  whimsical look about it and a gentleness to it that i just love, and her designs are stunning, you want have a look at some of her rugs, very very yummy... Here's a video of her in action in Tokyo in a shop window.....enjoy....x Pixie


  1. Hello Pixie!

    I adore your name and your blog! I looked it over yesterday, and your work is wonderful! Just the sort of thing that I love. I also watched both of these videos and was simply amazed by the talent.... Thanks so much for your sweet comments. I will link you up to me so I remember to check back often.

    p.s I find it so sweet that you "converse with small creatures" I do that myself......

  2. I sometimes want to be her... :)