Thursday, 10 March 2011

....Thank you... friends in blog land for your nice comments about my bunting, i really enjoyed making it and i think i may start some more next week to hang in my front room, i just need to keep it away from the various creatures that inhabit my house.....
Anyhoo, here's another sketch book entry, this ones about Fungus!,,, !!!!yeah, .....not sure why.......xx

Its not a bit windy,
its not a bit wet,
the sky is as sunny as summer, and yet,
little umbrellas are everywhere spread,
pink ones and brown ones and orange and red.
I can't see the folks who are hidden below,
ive peeped and ive peeped round the edges, but no,
 they hold there umbrellas,
so tight and close,
that nothing shows under,
not even a nose.

by Elizabeth Fleming

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