Saturday, 14 April 2012

....Its done.....its finished.......and i love it.............

.....Yes,,,my dear bloggy friends,,the granny square blanket is all finished....and i just love, love, love it......this one only took me three months to do, which is pretty impressive for me, when the last one i made took fifteen months,, but then i did keep taking breaks from it...but not with this one,,*no siree*,,,i crocheted my little pixie self here it is,,,in all its finished photo shoot of multi coloured, multi yummy blanket..............................TAH DAHHHHHHHH..............................

......Oh i do love a pile of handmade loveliness..... more....x

....for the simple scallop edge i did this.....
*Sc in first stitch..dc in second stitch..htr in third and a tr in the third stitch too..then tr in fourth stitch and then do a htr in the same stitch too..dc in fifth in sixth...then repeat from *.


......The whole thing needs a bit of blocking to tackle those curly edges and there are still a few ends to sew in the back,,,,then allllll done.....yaaaaaaaaay..

.....I think i may have to take a small break from crochet for a bit, as  the last week i have really gone for it to get the blanket finished and now i have sore wrists and aching shoulders.......i think its back to my little knitting needles for a wee respite........

...Anyway,, i shall leave you with the whole stat of the blanket....
Bye for now Pixie xxxx

**Pixie blanket**

Hook size 3.5
Yarn used Peter pan and Wendy mode dk wool and acrylic 50/50.
36 squares made
12 rounds each square

Colours used......Stirling blue...croissant...chilli pepper...teal green...bramble...vapour bean...frappe...cameo...sweet lilac...fog...lichen...true red...Persian red...wild eyes...



  1. Absolutely beautiful, a work of art, a treasure to keep forever/ Bet you are sooooo thrilled with it, the colours are gorgeous. I have tried to learn to crochet but i am left handed and have tried and tried but it does not come easy to me, I prefer to knit. Well done, I just love it when you finish a project and sit back and look at it. Jayne

  2. Oh so beautiful. I am working on a delicious Granny a Day project thanks to 'Meet Me at Mikes'. I love the edging you have added here but am a bit clueless as to the abbreviations. What does 'sc' mean? I assume 'htr' means half treble but no idea what that actually means! Please help. I would love to add this edging one day in the future when my lovely pile of squares join hands like your lovely piece. Well done you :)

  3. Oh my goodness your blanket is absolutely delightful, I bet it's all cosy and snuggly. I would absolutely love to be able to make one but crochet is something I have neveer got the hang of, envious! You now have something really special that makes a real statement in your pretty home.

  4. L*O*V*E it tooooo!...and your home is adorable!- so lovely and cosy looking ;0)X
    I love the vintage style colours used- reminds me of the 1940's and those lovely wool cardi's from that time ;0)
    You've made your home so homely x

  5. Very, very, very lovely blanket Pixie, love the colours, its just gorgeous xx

  6. Wow...absolutely gorgeous! xx

  7. Gorgeous gorgeous yummy yummy colours and granny goodness! :)
    Jane x

  8. i'm here from jane and loved what you said about the celebratory glass of wine, yes indeed! your blanket is truly beautiful, an heirloom. i love all the gorgeous colors you chose, they look so happy together. and i can appreciate all the photos, i have shamelessly done the same thing with a knit that took many months (maybe a year, it's been that long i've forgotten). but it is so deserved, i've enjoyed looking at each. congratulations on such lovely work.
    xo lori

  9. Ooooo absolutely gorgeous Pixie! Love your colour choices and the photos are beautiful.... :)x

  10. I love it...handmade loveliness indeed. You are an

  11. Oh honey it's absolutely stunning!! I can't believe how quickly you made it - boy you must be in need of a good massage now to relieve those poor arms! I really love the border you've done and I most definitely will use it in the future - thank you for sharing your cleverness!! You've given me a bit of a push actually as my blanket which is a bit of a twin of yours has sat in my basket untouched for a few weeks. Now I want to get it done and have my bed look as cosy as yours does. What a truly gorgeous post hon. Well done you clever gal.


  12. So rich! Looks amazing on your bed and I love that owl cushion !!

    HUGS and thank you for your comments on my little creations.

    xxx Lorraine xxx

  13. I love your blanket! I love the colours you've used. I'm needing a break from greens and purples and am very tempted to borrow your colour scheme for my next blanket (once I've finished the other two currently in progress!)
    Lovely blog too, will be following now...

  14. Oooo gorgeous! Well done you on finishing so fast too :-)
    Lori xx

  15. So, so, so lovely! Your color choices always are just the very best, Pixie. Also, how sweet that you won the crafting award. You're so artistic and skilled! Love your pics on Pinterest!


  16. I just found you via Hens Teeth, Stunning blanket Pixie, such beautiful colours!
    Victoria xx

  17. oh much gorgeousness me lovely!!!!
    i am working on a granny stripe blanket for the camper and was going great guns until the dreaded lurgy hit!

  18. Love the edging! Trying that next.