Thursday, 5 April 2012

......A trip down memory lane......

......I don't quite know how he came up......but my work colleagues and I yesterday were discussing David you remember David Essex.?......i do,,, and yes i was only seven at the time of this particular hit, but its one that when i hear it on the radio all those memories of the early seventies just coming flooding back,,, cheesecloth tops, hotpants, baking hot summers, climbing trees, Dr who and top of the pops, to all us seventies kids,,,here's a little of David.......................................hmmmmmmmm.x..........gotta love him.x


  1. I have Smooth 70's radio on all day at home, so I hear David quite regularly, along with all the wonderful soul music from my teens. The best decade for music in my opinion :-)

  2. Lurve David Essex!!!! He has the most gorgeous blue eyes too :-) They don't make songs like they used to, lol!

    Lori xxx

  3. I enjoyed this so much, even tho I've never heard the song before!
    I'm so sorry you couldn't make the Selvedge Fair, but it should be fab in the fall too.

  4. What a treat. I loved him when I was young and went to see him in concert twice. Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend along the coast. Its gorgeous here in Bexhill this morning. Karen X

  5. I just don't remember him, or maybe it was that song..... 70's are kind of a blur (oh dear).... LOVE what you did with that bench Pixie! I know it's hard to paint over wood, but I'm eying two pieces here that may get a cover up soon. Plus, you just can't go wrong with white.....


  6. I had the hots for him :-} It's the sensitive eyes!