Sunday, 29 April 2012

....This weekend..... has not stopped has gone on and on and on......i know we need the rain, and i know we need the rain quite badly ..i just wish nature would sort it so it rained all night long and then was dry and nice during the waking hours.........oh has given me a bit of time to have a move around of things indoors and give the little nook a good dusting..........

......I moved a corner unit into the back room from the front room and topped it off with my jug of twigs with dangly things hanging of it..................

.......i dusted my little collectors corner.....

......shuffled around some of the strange things that sit on my mantle piece...........i like strange things..

.......embroidered a couple of my little hexi puffs...... with a fox  (of course), and one with a sheep.....

.....and also yesterday,  while i was wandering around a certain department store in our local city, trying to avoid the rain.....i spotted out the corner of my eye,  the most scrummiest bag ever......oh i do love a bag,, especially a fabric one,,,,and this was shouting at me " Buy me Buy me" these things do,,  so i did, ,so now i have a *lovely, quilted, fabricy, squishy enormous bag*, that will hold all my clobber  all summer long.......

......i also bought myself a new knitting book,,, just have a look at the most amazing patterns in here....

.....i know its a winter pattern book..........but i just couldn't resist.....

.....just beautiful.......and then there's this.........oh i really really want to knit this......


...i must learn how to cable... more...

.....Oh to have more hours in a day......

.....Oh yes,, i almost forgot,,,,  this little person was one....

....Happy Birthday Oz...

.....Well that's my weekend....i hope your all staying dry wherever you all are, and having a lovely weekend......see you soon...

..x  Pixie  x...


  1. Loving the bag - so scrummy! And the knitting book has some wonderful patterns - wish I could knit :( and I agree with Kath - Oz is adorable!
    Victoria xx

  2. Oh that book. I love it and I don't even knit.
    Your little hexies are darling, and the bag is heaven.
    And I adore my brooch you made and that I won in your drawing, I feel so lucky! I am on the hunt to find the perfect dark brown jacket or maybe mossy green to set if off~

  3. Owwww one already! What a little cutie! This is the most gorgeous post hon. I adore your hexies. Your embroidery is amazing, what a huge difference it makes to the whole look. Your new purchases are fab! The bag is perfect and your knitting book has me wishing I could knit better than I do. I love the wee capelet - perfect for the in-between weather we're having here. Maybe I can find a crochet pattern of something similar (any excuse to start another project ay!). It's so lovely sneaking a peek at your Crafte Nook - I love the pic of your corner unit and beautiful bench seat. Just perfect!

    Have a wonderful week hon - see you again soon.

  4. I love your crochet blanket on the back of your sofa.

    Nina x

  5. Well, I wasn't feeling the least bit crafty or creative until I popped in here! I substituted today, and that can take the craftiness out of anyone!!! But now, after these most inspiring shots of your nook, fabulous knitting, and that little Oz..... well.... I'm ready to start something! Anything! Actually, I have a hooking piece I'm going to get to this week. Love it all Pixie!


  6. i have the exact same sooty puppet but its much more battered and worn (i have sweep too i think they were my dads as they are too old to be mine...but is sooty that old?!)
    i had the exact same experience with a fabric bag just lately~we went for a look in a local garden centre that sells all kinds of gorgeousness and saw a bag by Ulster Weavers called was calling me in such a loud voice and as i am staying in bloomsbury for wimbledon i just had to have it!!!!!!

  7. Pixie, I just love the way you're embroidering your hexipuffs. So individual and so you :)
    So jealous of the new knitting book, what lovely patterns. The little jacket is gorgeous. And looks quite chunky so would knit up nice and quickly - the perfect little cover-up for a summer's evening!
    Jane x

  8. So many lovely things in this post. Your collector's corner bear is gorgeous and the new bag so pretty. And a birthday boy too. Happy Birthday Oz.

  9. Oh you have a sweep hand puppet! I had the pair when I was a kid sooty and sweep :-} they had a little squeaker inside so you could make he talk.

    xxx Lorraine xxx