Friday, 11 May 2012

.....Chatting with Erika.....

.....yes,, that's what I've been doing this afternoon,, i finished work at lunch time today to rush home, throw some clothes on and stuff a sandwich down my throat and race round to my friends wool shop to chat and drink tea with Erika Knight......... has been a really wonderful few hours in the company of my fellow knitters , just chatting and knitting and off course having another go with those ENORMOUS knitting needles of hers.......
.....unfortunately,, and i am very sorry, but i didn't take any photos as there didn't seem to be an appropriate time to take some sneaky shots,, so i thought it best in the end not too........however.....i did get her to sign the 'simple knitting' book that i bought last year...............

.....Off course now you can see what my real name is,,, it seems strange to see it, as no one really calls me that anymore......only family......

......she also signed the knitting pattern that i bought too.......

.....i love her little drawing that she did of the ball of yarn.......thank you Erika.....

.......and here's the yarn that i bought to make the snood......super super snuggly and super super chunky......

......and last night i just couldn't help it ,,, i had to embroider a little Bix on one of my hexi puffs...... i just need to go and embroider a Molly on another.....
......Be back soon....Pixie x


  1. What a wonderfull way to spend an afternoon, my idea of heaven. I love the yarn you have chosen,like seawashed pebbles. Look forward to seeing the snood!

  2. ooh how exciting! I love love love that Simple knitting book of hers. The wool looks gorgeous too. And I just love your embroidery - you are so clever!
    Jane x
    PS So glad the worries of last week are behind you :)

  3. I love the name Heidi! The Simple Knitting book is lovely. I bought it last year too and have made several things from it. I would love to meet Erica you are a lucky lady. Karen X

  4. Oooooh - what a lovely time you've had. I can't wait to see your snood - the wool looks gorgeous! And the pattern looks so cosy - it also features two of my favourite words - quick and easy!! It's freezing here this morning even though it's clear and bright. Perfect snood weather!! Bella is sitting on the back of the armchair in the spot she's decided receives maximum heat from the heat pump (even if her bottom is far too wide to fit!). I adore your Bix puff - it's too adorable!!


  5. Just found your lovely blog ... right up my street. Looking forwarding to reading more. M x

  6. hexipuffs, cats, owls, hares, talking to things!.. i think i have found a kindred spirit :)