Saturday, 19 May 2012

....This past week i have.......

.... Won a wonderful gift from 'Snoopydogknits' blog,, just check out this gorgeous yarn.............

......Rather excited about this yarn...and cant wait to use it........i wonder if i could knit a snazzy pair of socks with it !!.....hmmmmm......thank you muchly Ros, i love it............

...............................also................i finished my enormous chunky super duper squishy cowl............

.....super chunky ay.....

.....I'm thinkin' that i may be knitting some of these as Christmas presents,,,,,,so super quick to make and not too harsh on your pennies either.......... , if you fancy knitting one of these chunkers yourself look a couple of posts back where i have shown the pattern and the wool,,, the needle size used is size 12 mm


.......i made myself, from an old shrunk (accidentally mind), jumper, a little draw string bag to carry around with me any small knitting or crochet project i may have on the go at the time......... my little hexi puff project......

......i stitched a little nook house on the front too.......x

......see you all again soon,,probably on Tuesday, where i shall show you what i did with some sticks !


  1. How lovely to have won some yarn and such beautiful colours too. I love the extra chunky cowl, who would have thought in May you could wear it to keep you warm. Lovely idea to make some for presents. jayne x

  2. Ooh that cowl is really lovely, and such a gorgeous colour! Think they would super presents!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Victoria xx

  3. Lovely cowl and bag... the yarn is great.x

  4. it is a pretty yarn. i do love ros's blog.
    your housey bag is cute! i think i have that exact same sunny yellow button in my button box :)

  5. love that wool, what yummee colours!

  6. Fab cowl, and I love your little stitched house on your bag. Gorgeous!!

  7. Beautiful yarn, can't wait to see what you make with it!
    and the house craft bag is wonderful-love it!

  8. Where to start, there is so much gorgeousness here!! I am in love with your new yarn - the colours are amazing. Can't wait to see what you create with it hon. I am besotted with your new chunky cowl! When I first saw it I thought it made you look like a wee doll, because the size of the knitting stitches well and truly tricked my eyes. It looks super cosy and oh so chic. Your new shrinky-jersey bag is fabulous - you're such a clever gal aren't you?!!!!

    I still haven't managed to pick up my crochet hook - it's been nearly two weeks. I keep looking at it and feeling guilty but there is too much else on just now - darn it!

    Have a fabulous week hon.

  9. I might have to copy that lovely little bag of yours - its a very good idea. I am knitting a bag from the Rowan Winter Warmers book that you showed us. Had to order a copy from Laughing Hens as I couldn't find a copy around here. I think I want to knit everything all the patterns are so fab. Love your cowl too it sits just right doesn't it. Karen X

  10. Just LOVE that cowl! Can you tell me where you got the pattern? Is it a Tiny Owl creation? Also, that bag of yours is just darling! I'm on sort of a creative slump at the moment, but I've been knitting on a new little drop over top for summer. I'll post when I have more of it done. I was visiting over here the other day, and while looking at your Selvedge badge I really started missing that mag. I haven't seen it in the bookstore for a long time, so I think maybe they're not carrying it anymore. Well, I just "bit the bullet" and went online to order another subscription. Maybe when it arrives it will get my creative juices moving again!

  11. ohhh what a gorgeous little bag! i am thinking that maybe i need to find a jumper in a charity shop and shrink it...i have a boring cotton mini bag for my travelling crochet