Saturday, 5 May 2012


......We have just had the most horrible few days..........

......My most beloved Bix, disappeared for three days.......and i cant tell you how distraught i have been.......he had his breakfast as usual at six o'clock Thursday morning, went out over the back wall to do his business, like he does,,,,,then never came back...
....He quite often goes for a little wander around the back of the shops where i live and has a poke about, and then climbs up on walls and peers into other peoples windows,, and he is always back indoors within  half an hour,, and he always comes when i call him..................................but not Thursday....

......I called for him all day long....and when it got to nine o'clock in the evening.....i burst into tears...i couldn't help but imagine the worst...

....Mr Pixie  and i walked all round town calling his name, but no answer....we stapled up lost cat posters everywhere, and put leaflets through doors.....we then went home to bed, to wait for the next day to start the search all over again....

.....By Saturday..every house had a flyer posted through the letter box and every one new he was missing,,every shed at the allotments where looked in and every run down building was Bix...

.....Then late Saturday afternoon, after more tears were shed,, Mr Pixie  said he just wanted to recheck the empty building waiting for a refit, that is not far from our house,,,i said i couldn't see the point as we had already been there two days before with a step ladder in the rain calling him and there was no answer...but he said he just had a feeling that we needed to go back we went with the step ladder and crept round the back of the building once more, we were in fact trespassing so we had to be very quiet.......Whilst i was at the bottom of the ladder while Mr Pixie was on the roof i thought i heard a very distant i held my breath.....then called 'Bix',,,and i heard the meow i called again 'Bix', and the meow came again but much nearer........and there he was, i could just see him inside this horrible building looking all dusty and very frightened.......and of course i burst into tears again...only this time with complete joy..................we managed to hoist him out and get him back home...........he was very hungry i can tell you and so so pleased to be back home...........................................................

..........Mr Pixie just had a feeling he was in there, even though we had checked..........amazing.x

.....The feelings of complete sadness filled my life for three days, and i just couldn't stop crying........i really believed i had lost him forever.....and now he's back home, safe and warm again........and reunited with Molly, who has been meowing for him for three days........x heart is healed again..x


  1. I know how you feel! I am so glad you got him back. Maybe you can get him a cat harness and use that and walk him around. I always see things like this as a sign from the universe...

    I have a cat also but he is an indoor cat.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I am off to England, will be visiting my sister in Devon and my mother in Cornwall :-}


  2. Lovely Mr Pixie what a star. I started reading this feeling very apprehensive as to its outcome but hopefully Bix has learned to curb his curiosity a little. I can imagine just how you felt as we have two little sister cats who we adopted from the Blue Cross 18 months ago. If they are out in the garden I keep going out to check I can see them - luckily our garden is quite large and they haven't wandered far. I am totally daft though. Wishing you a very happy weekend from along the coast. Karen X

  3. So glad you found him... well done Mr Pixie. Isn't heart ache just awful.
    Much love to you and your loved ones.

  4. So happy for you! Let's hope he's learned his lesson!

  5. So glad you found your sweet kitty!
    Our two cats are pretty good tree climbers but we have to worry about coyotes where we live. Always love your posts and the knitted!!! too cute for words!

  6. oh poor you, glad there was a happy ending!

  7. I am so glad you found your kitty! Don't they get into scrapes, though? Whenever I had a missing cat I always thought of closed garages. I'm glad Mr. Pixie had such a strong 6th sense!

  8. Oh Pixie, I wanted to cry along with you, I'm so glad you found Bix - what a relief! Such a pretty cat too!
    Victoria xx

  9. Im so glad you guys found him good on Mr Pixies 6th sense..
    It must of been a awfull 3 days for you both. I have a cat too. Here in Australia I live the Blue Mountains surounded by National park so you have to have your Cat in at night. So and sunset he usually hanging around the front door to be let it in for his dinner. Some times he not there I get worried that some thing has happened to him but he always turns up meowing to let him in.

  10. Arn't cats naughty, they have to have a little wander and a nose around and sometimes they get lost and mummies and daddies are soooo worried, luckily he's now back home safe and well, bet he was smothered with cuddles, lucey xxx

  11. ohhh i am so glad you found bix...what a dreadful time you all had. we would love a cat...or two...but i am such a worrier i would be scared to let them out in case they went off.

  12. Sorry you had a horrid 3 days worrying about your furry friend. Our pooch, who is now a little hard of hearing, decided to crawl under the house for a sleep one day ... meanwhile I traipsed up and down the streets looking for her, alerting neighbours, getting hubby from work, and getting more and more upset by the hour when we eventually heard a snore coming from under the floorboards!! Sheeeesh!!! But, happy endings, you gotta love them!

  13. Hello there! Thank you dropping in last week and leaving a kind comment on my blog. You are the lucky winner of the two skeins of yarn!!!!! HOORAY! If you e-mail your address, I'll pop the yarn in the post on Wednesday. The colours are really gorgeous. I've just been having a read and I have to say, I am so very pleased that your gorgeous Bix was found safe and sound. I can't begin to imagine your distress. We have a yellow labrador called Osar and I just don't know what I would do if he went missing. Ros

  14. Naughty Bix for giving you a fright, He's a lucky boy that you loved him enough to keep looking... lovely images Pixie

  15. Oh my goodness me.... my heart was in a my mouth reading that post.. you must have been absolutely beside yourself. Thank heavens for the sixth sense of Mr Pixie (who deserves a treat for his amazingness methinks) and thank goodness your baby is back. Hugs to you... what a horrid time.. but a happy ending xxx

  16. Oh Pixie! I'm serious when I write that I had a lump in my throat while reading this post. The same thing happened with our Rudy (long gone now) many years ago. He was gone for 2 days and nights, and I was a wreck. This had never happened in all the years we'd had him before. He disappeared during a really big thunderstorm.... we were gone while he was out. Anyway, after a couple of days my hubby got up really early and checked at the front door for him. I was still in bed and didn't here the door shut right away. Then he walked into the bedroom with Rudy in his arms.... well I was just ecstatic! Now my kitties stay in doors all the time. We have big hawks, owls, and the occasional fox, so no nighttime roaming for them. I'm soooooo glad your Bix is home safe and sound! I know what a HUGE relief it was when you found him!!

  17. How did I miss this!! I am so glad that your news is good, the loss of a pet is agony. We actually had a dog returned to us after months of thinking he was dead, so you should never give up hope. But that's easy to say and harder to do when you're living the nightmare. But you have a happy ending too, Bix is home thanks to clever Mr Pixie and all is well :D

  18. Oh Pixie, I am sitting here in tears reading your post. I am so very relieved you found your beautiful Bix. I can completely understand how distraught you would have been. Yay for Mr Pixie and his gut feeling. I bet Bix won't want to wander too far from home for a while. My spoilt cat Bella has never spent a night outside, but being a naughty teenager she slipped out the door when my husband came home late one night. I stayed out all night with a torch and shaking a bag of cat biscuits trying to get her back inside. The things we do ay!! I'm so sorry I didn't see your post sooner - I have been away and have only just got back to my computer. I have a lot of catching up to do!

    It's my wee girls' 5th birthday party today - bring on the pink!!! I've had lots of fun making her cake. Will have to get myself organised and do a post - it's been nearly a month - eeek.

    Have a fabulous weekend hon. Big pats to Bix.