Tuesday, 22 May 2012

.....Sticks and twigs....

.....I like to bring the outdoors in........
.....I like the fact, that my little nook by the sea has a sort of 'tree house' feel about it......
.....I sometimes like to pretend that i live high up in a tree, far away from everybody ........
.....I love the way my little house feels like it is alive ,, it makes creaking sounds like a swaying tree, and all the wood in the house whispers old stories and poems from long ago.......

.....................................sometimes branches appear as if by magic through books and behind furniture,,and the little leaves are made of yarn, and the branches are twisted in the softest of wool........



  1. Oooh I do love those lil leaves. i do love a twig too. I am just painting a branch I found on Alnmouth beach which looks like a stags antlers. It has had the first coat, waiting in the lovely sunshine to dry then another coat. it is going to lean against the wall in my lounge. I do love the way you have wrapped your twigs - simply gorgeous you have lovely ideas. jayne x

  2. I love this idea. We always do this for the spring festival but our cats take it apart most nights so I don't leave it up for long. I would like to live in a treehouse, pull the rope ladder up at night well away from the world. Karen X

  3. this reminds me of my childhood when i used to read sitting on a little plank seat in a tree in the garden. it felt so safe there wrapped in warm, gentle tree love. i think having an indoor tree complete with soft leaves and poet birds (the bottom one in particular looks a poet) is a lovely idea ❤

  4. I just love those leaves on the tree branch, especially all the varied colors. My favorite is the raspberry one~

  5. Ooh, I love it! Lovely soft colours - looks like it just quietly grows there. And I'd so love to have a tree house. At my old house I had a cedar summer house, and that was lovely to sit in, because it smelled so gorgeous. But to actually be in a tree...
    Jane xxx

  6. How absolutely gorgeous!!! Your nook must be the prettiest, cosiest place ever - full of your beautiful crafty goodness. I want to twig hunting right this minute and make one too. Sadly all that is in my garden just now are weeds!!! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for rain this weekend so I don't have to do the weeding - again.

    Have a fabulous weekend hon,

  7. Love the wool wrapped branches and the widdle tweedy bwirds!

  8. I truly love this post! The little leaves and wooly branches are just the sweetest! Love bringing the outside in.......


  9. hi, lovely pixie
    just calling by to wish you a marvelous jubilee weekend, hope you have lots of fun xx

  10. Hi dear Pixie, I found you so nice blog just now. I like all your handmades so so much. You are so creative. And expecially I like the knitted house on your blog header picture. Of course I joined your blog and I will follow your blog more closer. Nice to meet you again. And I wish you very sunny days...:))