Friday, 17 August 2012

....A close up look at the nook.....

.....I quite like doing this....getting up close to take pictures indoors....its funny the sort of things that make good subjects......

....Plus... remember i said i would show you a finished thingy,, well the thingy turned out not be a finished thingy after still needs some bits doing to it.........but if you dont mind it slightly lacking in what it is.........

.....A scrappity scrap nook scarf......

....i embroidered a little 'crafte nook'.....

.....the little quote you cant quite see, is 'be warm'....

.....I want to stitch on some little birds and maybe a flower or two.....but i must say......i have really loved knitting this easy peasy scarf.......all done in bog standard garter stitch so lovely and simple to do........a great way to use up all those left over yarny bits, and all done whilst watching the olympics...............if you fancy a go, i cast on 25 stitches with  3.75 needles and just knitted away.........
.......its lovely and soft and i may make some to put in my little shop...........what do you think!,,,,,,,,,anyone out there fancy a 'scrappity nook scarf'.......

Bye for now Pixie

oh thats weird im back to front ? ha


  1. Love the scarf the colours all go together and I like all the little "ditties" you've sewn onto it, Lucey x

  2. I love all your pictures and that scarf is GREAT! I will have to try that Tokyomilk in Sparrow. Their products are wonderful.

  3. Love the stripey scarf with the amazing colors and stitchings! I think it would do well in your shop! Your up close detail pictures are great as well!

  4. I love your little nook pixie, thank you for sharing!
    Victoria xx

  5. Yes!! That scarf is delicious in every way, love the extra house, and personal things that make it you. Definately should create some for your shop!

  6. Hello gorgeous girl! I adore your scarf so much. It is exactly what is needed here at the moment - it's cold. I want to get my knitting needles out now and have a go - you always motivate me! I love your close up nook photos too. I love having a nosey around other peoples homes!!

    Have a fab weekend hon. I'm in huge catch up mode and realise I've missed another of your posts. Hope those hormone levels are treating you a bit nicer. It's crap getting older isn't it!!!!


  7. I love your snap shot photos of your home pixie, my favourite is the chair with the gorgeous throw and cushion, do you sit and work in that sometimes? Love the scarf, those colours are so muted and go so well together and I love your little quotations. jayne x

  8. I love all those close up photos. You have so many cute things especially those door knobs(?).
    Love the scarf. I would like to do a whole cardigan with scraps......but I would need a pattern.

  9. ohhh how lovely that you popped over to my blog and left such a nice message!
    i love your blog and agree that we would get on really well :)
    my email is
    super to make *real* contact with you x
    t x
    p.s - love the scarf and everything you wear!

  10. so much fun to see more of the nook. Lovley scarf and I really love the little embroidered labels!!!
    hang in there with the heat...i took herbal supplements that seemed to help.

  11. Hi Pixie!
    Love seeing little nook corners!! Did I spy a carved elephant in your printer's tray? I have one in mine. Might have to take some inspiration from you and do a close-up post too (basically I'm a copy cat, but "inspired" is such a better word!!) Love the roses twisted around the picture. And your scarf is such fun with the added words, love it. Again you may have inspired me into action, because I said to my man just the other day that I would knit him a scarf ... where are my needles ... : -)

  12. I think some little adornments will be great! I can't seem to take close ups, what camera do you have? Lovely pictures! Ada :)

  13. Such fun to peek around the nook! I think the scarf is wonderful! It shouts "Pixie" because it's made using your distinctive color combinations... which are so lovely. And love the little adornments you've attached. Perfect!


  14. Lovely to have a little look around your lovely home. I love those bowls - I have some very similar ones from a pottery in the Lake District.
    Hope you are feeling better now its cooled down a little. Karen X

  15. Wonderfuls pics and I especially love that scarf - such warming colours x

  16. Hey Pixie, glad I could bring some paris flea nostalgia to you - you certainly can knit very well - love the little customised patches.