Wednesday, 15 August 2012

......Something lovely.....

.....Hello my friends... and i shall start with a Huuuuge thank you to all you lovely ladies who left comments regarding the menopausal blah blah,, always good to hear from others who are dealing with all that hormonal crappity crap........though generally for me things in that department aren't too bad ( yet ),, and i hope i can keep it that way,,,,,,i have been a vegan for a few years now, and a  strict vegetarian before that for at least twenty years, so i think this helps heaps...i only drink chai or organic decaf tea, and keep the booze to an absolute minimum........not the best person to eat out with i can tell you........
....I'm always the one that ends up with just a plain salad as there is never anything that i can eat on a menu..........

.....people do try though  bless em'.......''would you like to come round tonight for some food'',, ''oh yes that would be lovely...though i am a vegan''......''no worries''..........and then we go round and they place in front of me either something smothered in cheese or oozing in butter.......haaah.......never mind, i just don't think people believe that i don't eat anything COW,,, '' what you don't eat eggs either?,,what do you eat then!?''
......''well..lots of things,''...........anyway that's enough of me waffling on about food.......

.....Just take a look at these............i just love em.........

.....There beautifully whittled pegs that i found on pinterest,,, the site they are from is marie elisabeth rum
......unfortunatly its in another language so finding out more about the artist is a bit difficult, i used the translator thingy but it didnt help that much......

.....Its a very beautiful site, do go and take a peek, its very inspiring and very lovely....

.....See you soon with a finished thingy....


  1. "not the best person to eat out with I can tell you"

    I have the same problem. During a recent hospital stay I resorted to asking Husband to bring me food in, after I got fed up with dry toast and salad!

  2. so understand this post!!!
    also vegan and cannot believe how often folk say "but what on earth do you eat"!!
    its when they find out i am a vegan farmer that they look really confused :)
    t x

  3. What beautiful little pegs...:)

  4. Oooooo, am loving those pegs- how beautiful.
    Me likey.

  5. I looked at the website for those beautiful lime wood pegs - if you click somewhere bottom left on UK flag it translates and if you then click on sales and then to the left on 'retailers', it takes you to a list of UK retailers.
    What an unusual website this lady has too.

  6. hello lovely! i saw those delightful creature wood creations on PINTEREST and thought how wonderful they are x...glad the menopausal crapity crap is kept at bayfor the time being x...I did giggle over 'some' people not getting others food choices. My Nanny , such a lovely one though never, ever got that my sister was Veggie- My sis made this choice at 11 yrs, partly due to the way animals were being treated, but also she never liked the taste of meat too. My Nanny would still serve her meat dishes...and my sis would say 'but nanny i cant eat that'...Nanny would say 'you have to eat some kind of meat'...she just didnt really understand, maybe a generation thing. I do find that vegetarian menu's at restaurants are usually very poor...its either a basic risotto or salad but without much thought.

    have a lovely week xx

  7. Your post made me smile, I have a few friends that are vegetarian so understand. A friend's grandma was just the same, leave the meat, just eat the gravy type of scenario! Those pegs are little works of art, what patience. jayne x

  8. Truly Beautiful, she's very talented! I'm a non meat eating, dairy free girl although I do eat fish! Very difficult for people to understand, they keep trying to get me to eat cheese, not sure if people really understand the term dairy free! I've put you forward for an Award, pop over and 'pick' it up when you get a minute! Ada :)

  9. What gorgeous little pegs!
    Victoria xx

  10. Hello...Just saw you mentioned on Ada Bea's blog so I came to say hi. I've read back through a few of your posts...such a wonderful blog you your makes...and that bunny!! Just fabby fab. I've followed you and will subscribe to stay on top of your posts. Toodles.

  11. What a lovely blog, and stunning painted pegs ... thanks for sharing the find!
    Looking forward to your finished thingy!!!

  12. they're absolutely gorgeous, I want all of them, Lucey x

  13. Those pegs are amazing! Don't you just love Pinterest!! I could spend hours and hours just gazing at beautiful images.

    See you again soon hon.