Saturday, 25 August 2012

....Wear something crafty.....

.....I don't know if you remember, but a fair few posts ago i said i was thinking about starting another blog dedicated to upcycled, remade or altered and handmade clothes, bags, shoes etc etc.....

....Well.....Ive finally done it,, its there on the side bar for you to go and take a gander at....its all still a bit 'work in progress' at the moment so not a lot to see, but its up and running which i am happy about....

.....I hoping from this i may be able to sell some of my altered items and handmade bits and bobs......and finally clear some space for some new things....
.....Also i would love to showcase anyone else's altered or remade things too, so if you have something that you have upcycled drop me a line and i shall put it on my blog, though off course i wont be able to sell it for you but i can supply a link to you if you like......

.....I am also offering a discount to followers of mine on any of my things that i show......

.......I hope you will come and join me sometimes over at 'wear something crafty' , i would love to see you all there...............................................................

Giant flopperty flower, just finished
x x Pixie x x


  1. Good luck on you new venture, I will pop over! Ada :)

  2. What a brilliant idea pixie, shall pop over and have a look jayne x

  3. How super!
    Off to explore new bloggy, I am!

  4. That's fantastic hon! I'm popping over right now.

  5. Good on you! I've been to have a look and it's fab. And your floppy flower is lovely too. :)

  6. Oh how lovely pixie! Off to have a wee lookie now,
    Victoria xx

  7. A lovely idea - good luck with it - I will pop over for a look.

  8. Will definitely be keeping an eye on this lovely idea ... Bee x

  9. Oh this flower is grand. xox

  10. Super idea! I'll pop on over!


  11. Fabulous idea!! Can't wait to see your future crafty-wears!
    Kate :}

  12. Pixie, I missed leaving a message on this post. I think this is a fabulous idea to have a dedicated blog about your upcycled clothes!! Congrats, hope it all goes brilliantly : -)

  13. Great idea! Just popped over there and love it. Good luck, look forward to being inspired by you to do more with the pile of cloth and old clothes I cannot bear to part with. x