Monday, 2 January 2012

Hi there...and happy new year to you all.....

.....I think today i am just going to show you where I'm at with my woodland blanket, its been a bit slow in the making mainly because of Christmas and all the other things that had to take priority but that's all finished now and a new year starts so hopefully i shall be able to really make some progress with it now...........................

....yes....not much to show i know....each square is quite a slow project as its a bit more tricky than a granny....

....i have been thinking on how i am going to bring this piece together when i have finished it....i know i shall just sew each piece together but i think i might do a random square here and there with some other added interest to it...shall have to think more on that one......and also the edging,  i want a big bold edging that's quite different, but i cant decide what.....i may knit the edging it would give me more scope if i knitted it...........we shall see..............................................

........Also i have been popping over to my favourite knitting site 'Tiny owl knits' and i have been making some of these......

.....felted rings....

.....very quick to make and would make lovely little pressies for friends......
......well...that's it for now i shall be back soon with more progress....and possibly a little give away.....

......Happy new year everyone.....
x x Pixie x x


  1. Hi are using such unusual colours for your blanket, and it is looking calm and lovely! Happy New Crocheting Year! :)x

  2. happy crafty new year x looks like you've made a gret start creations wise to the year- those felt rings and crochet look fab!!!! ;0)xx

  3. Happy new year! Loving that blanket, yummee!

  4. Love those squarse. I would like to do some myself.
    And have a go at selling things. It's
    a lovely feeling to know your work is appreciated (and paid for) and if unsold then it's still yours to appreciate.

  5. Hi Pixie, love the colours in the blanket squares. they are so muted and pretty! You're making good progress too, look forward to seeing it grow :-)

    Happy New Year!
    Lori xx

  6. Hi Pixie! Those rings are darling! I already checked out the tutorial, and downloaded the pattern. How cute for gifts (and me). Love your blanket squares... So inspiring for me to get started on something like that instead of socks. And speaking of socks, the wool I am using for my current pair is Fortissima Socka by Schoeller Stahl. I like to find sock yarn that has a little picture on the label of what it looks like knitted up. Not always possible, but this brand does. Happy knitting!

  7. I love the colors of your squares, and I love your felted rings!!! Perfect for winter wear :)

  8. Oh you have the patience of a saint.. but those little squares are coming on marvellously.. and I LOVE your little winged doggie!!!! WANT WANT WANT!!

    Happy New Year to you Pixie.. xxx

  9. I'm back! Yippee! Happy, peaceful, creative new year to you!

    I love Tiny Owl Knits so much but the prize of the day here goes to your colour scheme for your squares. I am seriously in awe of anyone who can make up such magical crocheted squares. I really am.


  10. Oh! I love those felted heart rings! I think I need to try knitting some.
    Your color sense is wonderful....really love your blanket squares. thanks for all the inspiration. XO m