Friday, 20 January 2012

....Small wonky knitted felted ring thingy giveaway...... it goes......

......The first winner of a small wonky knitted ring thingy iiiiiiiiiiis.......

....YAAAAAAAAAY, round of applause goes to 'Sassafras and winterberry'.YAAAAAY.

......and the winner of the second small felted knitted ring thingy goes toooooooo......

.....YAAAAAAY, clap clap clap its 'Winkieflash'.....YAAAAAAAAY......

.....And the final one goes tooooooooo.....

.....YAAAAAAY, well done 'Soul soup sister', YAAAAAAAAY.....

.....So well done ladies, just send me an email with your addresses and i shall pop them in the post asap......and of course commiserations to the lovely people that didn't win this time..

...Love and hugs Pixie....


  1. Oh I am so happy....thank you and much love.

  2. Oh, my! Thanks so much!! I'm thrilled!

  3. Oh my yarn, thank you sooooo much! :D Yay! I squee'd when I saw this! :D I'll email you my address soon.
    ps There's a giveaway on my blog now too, would you like to try your luck? :)!

  4. What a very cool blog you have!

  5. Hello Pixie!

    Even though I haven't commented over your last few posts, I've been checking in. I feel your "slump issues" myself from time to time. I think creativity tends to ebb and flow. Just the fact that you've used this time to post all those great cards you've collected is using a bit of your creativity. Slumps can be a time rest until another surge comes forward. Courtney is a lucky girl to win your sweet little rings! I've been making lots of those and giving them away. People just seem so excited to get them! I'm using scrap yarn, and finding that casting on 10 works best for me. I then knit only 4 or five rows. I've been needle felting the hearts, but sometimes they want to come off, so adding a drop of glue. Don't you have your Julie Arkell workshop coming up sometime soon, or am I completely off on that? If so, you'll be buzzing with creativity that will last a good long while after that!