Saturday, 2 June 2012

....Lost in Translation..( or rather work )!

....Hello my dearest bloggy friends,,,oh i know it has been a while since my last post, but i have been doing all sorts of awkward shifts at work,, never too sure whether i was coming or going most of the time,( though going to work instead of coming back from was more the order of the day ).. .. but anyway.. i now have a few days off to get myself back to a sort of normal routine, and catch up on bits and bobs.......everything is a mess here at the moment as i am having the front of the house completely repainted and all made lovely, and that just seems to be going on forever due the ' crappity crap undeciding, unpredictable cant make up its bloody mind  British weather'....still......that's life,,, so anyway,, i shall be with you all in a couple of days time, to hopefully show you some pixie bits and to you all and have a Hap hap Happy jubilee thingy......

....x Pixie x...


  1. British weather eh, last weekend 25 this weekend 9degrees, crazy. Look forward to seeing pixi bits n bobs. jayne x

  2. Love those shoes...are they Doc Martens?
    Hugs to you!

  3. fun seeing your shoes, leggings and skirt!

  4. fab shoes! i love the glimpse of pretty skirt/dess fabric too.

    have and fun jubilee, take it easy x

  5. I stumbled somehow upon your blog, I like it very much. I love the little things you create (the big ones too, ofcourse)The whole impression it mkes upon me. Ah, it sometimes is a handicap my english is not to good to write wat I want to write.

    Love It!!!!!!

  6. Nice to have a few days off ... enjoy : -)

  7. I'm loving the shoes too - are they Conkers? Hope the wet raininess is not going to last for ever!
    I'm hoping you'll do a sweater too, I'd love to see what yarn you choose :)
    Jane x

  8. sweet shoes :) i also go with the leggings (or footless tights) skirt/dress combination its so comfortable :)