Sunday, 3 June 2012

.....Jubilee pageant 2012.....

......Well.... Mr P and I got up ridiculously early this morning to catch the eight thirty train to London to go and wave a flag or two at her royal Queenieness.......i went with the full intention if taking some wonderful pictures of the boats as they came up the Thames in a fanfare of trumpets and such like to load onto my blog for you all to see........when we got there, London was probably the busiest i have ever seen it, a humongous enormous amount of people all heading along the mall past Buckingham palace to get there place by the Thames, to wave and cheer and  hopefully grab a little glimpse of the little old lady.......... here are some wonderful photos of this glorious day.......................................

.....'YEP',,,,,,this was as close as it was feasibly possible to get anywhere near to seeing a boat,,,Mr P and I walked about two miles along the Thames to try and see something, even if it was just a mast......but all the way for as far as you could see where people,, hundreds and hundreds of people,,, and i have to was HELL......Mr P and I are not very tall people, so this off course didn't help ,,,,,it was very wet and very cold,,,, by about three thirty i had had enough of being wet and cold and i wanted to go home....i hadn't seen a thing and i had had my bag searched by security guards 'six times' !!, when it got to the sixth guard who stopped me and asked me what i had in bag i told him.......

.....'' a bag of twiglets,  an umbrella,  my purse,  a single sock ! ( don't ask ), an apple core,  a plastic doll with one leg ( my granddaughters ), and about a thousand receipts''....he didn't bother looking !!

......I think when Mr P saw my sad  tired face he agreed it was probably time to call it a off we went again, all along the river to get back to the station,,,, there where again hundreds and hundreds of people all going backwards and forwards trying to find places to stop and look at the large cinema screens that were erected all along the river...the problem here was that you had to really push and shove your way through to escape the crowds......i was OK until we reached a crowd that was so deep in people that there faces were nearly touching mine, and then at one point i was completely wedged in and i could feel myself about to have a panic attack as i couldn't get out............i have to tell you my friends i was quite scared, and i hung onto Ps bag as he pulled me through.......when we did finally get through the crowd i burst into isn't always nice to be short when your stuck in an unmoving crowd....................

..........Anyway........we got back home ' eventually', and after a glass of wine and a hot bath i feel a whole lot better,  so,, i am sorry for the lack of jubilee jubilation none of it went according to plan,, we probably should of just stayed in and watched it on the telly........never mind......

........i think i may go to bed now, i am completely done in.....
.....Thank you to all the lovely ladies who left very nice comments regarding my footwear in the previous nice you all in answer to your question,  they are made by 'Nature Sko',, and i bought them from the 'Natural shoe shop', in 'Covent garden', though they do have very lovely website.......all my boots and shoes are 'Nature sko' as they are quite wide fitting,,,, so they are good for Hobbit feet like mine  x x


  1. Oh Sweetie what a shame. It did cross my mind to take the boys up to watch it 'live' but I had a feeling we wouldn't get to see much - and we are all tall too. So we watched it on the tv with the sun shining outside would you believe. I hope you are fully recovered now and enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend. Karen X

  2. Shoes in the last post by the way look so comfy. I imagined the crowds would be a bit overwhelming - really feel sorry for you - well done for all that determined walking.

  3. i would have loved to see it in person but so glad i watched it on tv~i can imagine i would have had the same anxiety in the crowds.

  4. Oh honey! What a shame it turned out that way. It's not much fun being a shorty in situations like that is it. At least you can look back and say you were there. And hopefully you can see the re-runs of it all on telly from the comfort of your own nook!!!

    I have to admit I laughed my spotty socks off when I scrolled down and saw your picture of the crowd, instead of a magnificent view of the river. I wasn't being nasty in my giggling - it's just that I could relate wholeheartedly!!

    I saw a few minutes of the evening celebrations on telly this morning and it looked HUGE! I couldn't believe the amount of people on The Mall - incredible.

    Have a fabulous week gorgeous girl.

  5. Sorry about your day. Fancy all those other people getting in the way : -(

  6. Ah I thought this was the reality of it all. I had suggested to hubby that we made an attempt to attend, but not that we're oldies or anything being 57 and 64 but hmmm!!!! crowds and crowds don't do it for me, I feel I might have got upset like yourself. So sat and watched from the warmth of my armchair....hope your fully fighting fit now and enjoying todays television.

  7. I did see on TV there were a million people in the mall!
    Loved seeing the music too, we didn't get the whole concert but did manage to see Prince Charles speak and thought it was really something when everyone hooted and hollered get will wishes for his father.

  8. i will start here. i read this post a few days ago, but was too tired to leave a coherant comment. but i did think, aw..what a shame, how dissapointing for you. if it's any consolation, my tall brother suffered a similar experience. he wanted to see the boats too.

  9. Oh, sorry your jubilee outing didn't go better. I watched it on the BBC, snuggled up under a blanket on my couch. I have been bidding on a tea towel souvenior
    (on Ebay) Cross your fingers for me!!

  10. hi,
    i love wide toe box shoes.... yours are feminine and cute! i hate to bother you with this, but i have looked online and cannot find "reviews" on the shoes....i really love them and would like to get some - so here goes,
    1- do they have any arch support?
    2- have you ever tried on/seen a similar style called duckfeet? they look so similar online, what did you think comparing them?
    3- how do the nature sko shoes size, meaning do you wear the same size in other shoes?
    again thank you!